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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsAbed Fahd: Here is my opinion on the Syrian and Lebanese dramas

Abed Fahd: Here is my opinion on the Syrian and Lebanese dramas

In the following lines, Fahd spoke to “Sky News Arabia” behind the scenes of his recent work and the controversy that has arisen on communication sites regarding the topics of these series, as well as his opinion on the Syrian and Lebanese drama. in an interview. in which he revealed many things.

Abed Fahd started his speech by pointing out that his presentation of two works last Ramadan was very difficult, in terms of effort and time to prepare the details of each character he presented in the two works, namely the character “Imran” in the series “Fire with Fire” based on the novel “The Merchant of Venice”. Shakespeare, writer Rami Koussa and director Mohamed Abdel Aziz, in addition to the second character of the series “Safar Berlak”, which is the character “Jamal Pasha”, in which he appeared in a different and distinguished performance which has was praised by an audience on social networks.

Taboos and racism Asked about the controversy sparked by the audacious subject of his series “Fire with Fire”, Fahd said: “Fire with Fire” represents a new dramatic experience in his treatment and breaks certain taboos that are forbidden to be discussed. for the creators and authors of dramatic works of art, difficult to put easily on television screens, as happened in the series Fire with Fire, in terms of dealing with racism in the Lebanese and Syrian streets and d other issues raised by the series and caused controversy.

Regarding the intention of the creators of the series to present topics aimed at causing controversy with the viewer, he said: To provoke controversy is its main goal, to expose the truth, to point the finger at the accusation and to manage the dialogue in a professional and democratic manner. , for that is one of the aims of the dramatic work.

Difficulties behind the scenes Regarding the difficulties he encountered behind the scenes of the filming of the series “Fire by Fire” and “Safar Balak”, he said: The difficulties always in any work of art lie in the fact that the effort of the series itself is strenuous, especially when the actor seems to put on the best acting performance, but that fatigue is alleviated when success is achieved for the job, of course.

In the context, the Syrian actor explained that he was keen to embody the character of the loan shark “Imran” in the series “Fire by Fire” in a completely new way compared to what viewers had used to see regarding this type of role in previous dramas, as he made it up, as he said, various details for it to be in terms of form, spirit, content, as well as the way she speaks a vocabulary, to appear completely different to the viewer.

The roles presented and his concern for diversity in presenting different roles with his regular works, he said: I always make my artistic choices new in their ideas and the way they are treated is also artistic, because the he artist must vary in the motifs of the characters he plays on screen and never stop at a specific area, so I was happy By presenting the character of the loan shark “Imran” and at the same time I presented a quite serious character “Jamal Pasha” in the Safar Series Berlak.

Detailed sets for heroes. Abed responded by presenting detailed series from certain authors, as is the case with many stars. He said: “When the work and the personality embodied by the hero, whether it is Abed Fahd or other stars, is really appropriate to play, it gives great credibility to the viewer when he sees series.” But when the subject is detailed only on the hero, whether it suits him technically or not?, this may not guarantee its success and its degree of sincerity. public.

Syrian and Lebanese Drama Fahd referred to the Syrian and Lebanese dramas that have been shown in the last period, and he replied, “There is always a rise in certain periods of time and another a fall, there is a moment we win and another moment we lose the bet, so art is an adventure, otherwise it would have been a quagmire for insects”.

He went on to say, “What the Syrian and Lebanese drama presents contains a lot of repetition that should be avoided, especially if the author wants to jump with his thoughts into unfamiliar areas of creativity and decides to mobilize the energies of the actors. with an amazing story and a whole new proposition. We may be surprised by an embarrassing performance crisis.”

He added: “There is a deadly boredom in some series after the first five episodes of the Syrian and Lebanese drama series, as well as in the Egyptian drama, the authors, after the first episodes, the screenwriter begins to go bankrupt and seeks his old papers and ideas or quotations from other works as he sees fit.”

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