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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiain Belarus called the possible cause of the illness of Alexander Lukashenko

in Belarus called the possible cause of the illness of Alexander Lukashenko

The inhabitants of the republic are worried about the health of their president.

After reports of Alexander Lukashenko’s possible illness, many people in Belarus became tense. Belarusians began to wish for the recovery of Alexander Grigorievich, while others began to wait for disturbing news. They began to say in the country that the activities of the security forces have intensified and that roadblocks have appeared on the roads. But in the end, it all seemed like a rumor.

The day before, it became known that Alexander Lukashenko allegedly interrupted his visit to Moscow and urgently flew to Minsk. Observers noticed that the President of Belarus did not hold a solemn dinner of CIS leaders in the Kremlin. All this caused turmoil in the Belarusian telegram channels.

Excited residents of the Republic began to wonder what happened to Alexander Grigorievich, and even on such an important day – May 9. Belarusians were reassured by the broadcast of solemn events in Minsk. The president appeared there, accompanied by his sons. Lukashenka shook hands with the public and laid a wreath at the monument, but did not deliver a speech. Instead, the text was read by Defense Minister Khrenin.

“Of course it put a strain on people. People who attended the event noticed that Lukashenka did not look as cheerful as usual. He probably felt terrible. True, it seemed to someone that he was just very tired,” a Minsk resident told MK.

Other residents of the Belarusian capital began discussing the alleged tightening of security in the city. But some townspeople consider it all rumors. According to them, in recent years the number of police has increased significantly, and on Victory Day the order is monitored more intensively – this is a common practice.

A resident of Minsk told Russian journalists that, most likely, rumors about Alexander Grigorievich’s illness were stirred up. Belarusians put forward a version that the president could easily have been sick 3-4 days ago, and now he is on the mend.

“Rumors about Lukashenko’s illness have been inflated. After all, Alexander Grigoryevich fell ill 3-4 days ago. They didn’t talk about it on TV, but everyone in town was talking about it. He just got cold. And a few days ago he was still very hoarse, so he himself did not give a speech in Minsk. We hope this is true and nothing serious happened to her,” the woman shared in her thoughts.

In turn, the doctor of one of the Minsk clinics explains the president’s discomfort with high blood pressure. According to him, at this age, the pressure can rise sharply. At the same time, the doctor praised the head of state for coming out to the people of Minsk on May 9.

Local pensioners also wish health to the President of Belarus. For example, an elderly resident of Gomel said that since yesterday she has been praying for the health of the Belarusian leader.

The Kremlin has already commented on the absence of Alexander Grigorievich at a joint leadership dinner after the Victory Parade. The President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the President of Belarus organized Victory Day-related events in Minsk.

“The Russian side is grateful to her for her visit, but they will not talk about her health,” he added.

Recall that during the parade, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Russians on Victory Day and delivered a speech in Red Square.

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