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Sunday, December 10, 2023
NewsExpert Tyazhelnikov doubts the benefits of raspberry tea, hardening and garlic for the prevention of SARS

Expert Tyazhelnikov doubts the benefits of raspberry tea, hardening and garlic for the prevention of SARS

Folk remedies for influenza and SARS basically do not help the immune system, and sometimes interfere with it. About it for Solenka.info Andrey Tyazhelnikov, doctor of the Moscow Health Department, said.

Allegedly healthy raspberry tea kills vitamin C contained in the berry at high temperatures. The doctor advises eating raspberries in their original form.

The gauze bandage and disposable mask must be constantly changed. Otherwise, bacteria and viruses will accumulate on their surface, which, in the case of a mask, are located next to the human respiratory system. Pathogens easily enter the body.

It is also dangerous to use garlic juice and oxolinic ointment for the prevention of seasonal diseases. In the first way, you can burn the nasal mucosa, and in the second way, glue the villi that stopped flying microbes.

Hardening should be done only under the supervision of a doctor. Otherwise, there is a high probability of hypothermia.

According to Tyazhelnikov, a healthy lifestyle, vaccination and medical examination are an excellent way to strengthen immunity.

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