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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsGeneticist Krutovsky admitted that humanity has approached the end of evolution

Geneticist Krutovsky admitted that humanity has approached the end of evolution


Konstantin Krutovsky, a professor of genetics at the Siberian Federal University and the University of Göttingen, believes that humanity is one step away from the completion of biological evolution.

If earlier a person, like animals and plants, adapted to changes in the natural environment, as a result of which he became better and more diverse, now people are already changing the surrounding reality, editing genomes, and increasing their viability.

“In fact, this is the end of human biological evolution! That is, now we are on the verge of its completion. Whether this is good or bad is a separate issue, ”said the scientist for Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The professor believes that the main reason for the end of human evolution is not mutations and new diseases, but artificial intelligence.

“I agree with Elon Musk – AI can really become very dangerous and even supplant a person if effective systems that control it are not developed in advance,” Krutovsky said about the possible tragic end of the development of neural networks.

So far, AI is limited by the algorithms embedded in it. However, at the peak moment of its development, it will be able to generate the necessary algorithms itself, which poses a serious threat to people’s lives.

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