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Monday, September 25, 2023


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NewsSpokesperson for the Libyan Parliament: For this reason, Bashagha was sacked and sent back for investigation

Spokesperson for the Libyan Parliament: For this reason, Bashagha was sacked and sent back for investigation

And the Libyan House of Representatives decided by a majority of votes to appoint Finance Minister Osama Hammad as head of the government, which was based in Sirte in order to avoid entering the capital controlled by groups. armed forces loyal to the outgoing government of Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba.

Recently, there has been talk in the halls of parliament of MPs intending to suspend Bashagha as his government spends money under the emergency clause, according to parliamentary sources.

Blehaq explained in an interview with “Sky News Arabia” that:

• The government has not implemented any of the promises and programs to which it was committed, in particular in the part relating to vital and urgent services.

• The Libyan House of Representatives instructed the follow-up committee to prepare a detailed report on the work of the government.

• On Tuesday, the report was presented and was the subject of discussions and deliberations, it was voted the suspension of Prime Minister Bashagha and his dismissal for investigation.

• There has been no political initiative from the government in recent months, although it has won the confidence of the House of Representatives, but it has not moved a finger.

• Hammad needs to move forward and start working on pressing government issues, so that there is delivery on the ground.

“Try to anticipate the decision.”

Bashagha had tried to anticipate parliament’s decision by mandating his deputy, Ali Faraj al-Qatrani, to direct the government’s tasks and delegate to him all the powers granted to the prime minister, and he sent a letter to parliament on presidency and members on Monday.

The parliament now intends to form a mini-government to take on a number of tasks, the main one being the holding of elections before the end of this year, as clarified by MP Abdel Moneim Al-Arifi, which indicates that the presence of the Bashagha government depended on its ability to enter Tripoli and take over the ministries, and “that is what you could not do”.

Al-Arifi continues: “Pashagha alone cannot be held responsible for the failure of his government, but the situation conspired against him, as he sacrificed everything and stretched out his hand for peace, but he did not have the power to change on the ground,” according to the MP.

Unlimited assignment

The commissioning decision issued by Bashagha lacked precision on the period of assignment or explanation of the reasons for the authorization, as indicated by Libyan political scientist Muhammad Qashout, who believes that the Bashagha government, since it has lost the opportunity to enter the capital, became limited in the scope of his work, but “it is not possible to sacrifice Bashagha alone and blame him for all the failure”. .

Qashot adds: “The House of Representatives must form a new mini-government that operates across Libya, under which the divided institutions are united until elections are reached, especially since the laws regulating the process exist and can be implemented after simple modifications. to them”, pointing out “what the country is currently facing from political blockage following the disruption of the tracks, the main one being the affair of the 6 + 6 committee responsible for fixing the constitutional rule.

New layout

And “it is not excluded that there are new arrangements on the scene, and Bashagha could play a new role, whether in the ongoing political process with international support, or preparing to stand for election that the Libyans plan to have before the end of this year,” notes Libyan journalist Hussein bin Karim.

Ben Karim explains: “All scenarios remain on the table as to the shape of the current executive, with discussions on approaches or amendments that guarantee the participation of all parties in the country, but in the end, the question requires to reach a consensus that is difficult to achieve in light of the existence of extremist positions on the part of some.”

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