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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
News"The choir is you"... A Moroccan band plays and the audience is...

“The choir is you”… A Moroccan band plays and the audience is the “singer”


Amine Boudchar’s star shone on the stages of theaters and theaters in Morocco and France, thanks to his presentation with his band of a strange show of the genre, as he does not need a singer to interpret his songs. , because the audience is the one who volunteers to do it.

The voices of the public rise inside the galleries under the waves of the maestro, to mingle with the sounds of the instruments. They have not only come to relax their ears to the notes of the music, but to contribute to the creation of various music lyrical. paintings, unleashing their talents.

From numbers to melodies

The saying of Confucius: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a single day of your life” applies to Boudchar, who cut his career as a statistical engineer to devote himself to the management of his artistic project entitled “La choir.. c’est vous”, meaning “The choir is you.”.

Regarding his departure from the track of numbers to enter the world of melodies, the maestro revealed to “Sky News Arabia” that he had emigrated from the city of Muhammadiyah in western Morocco to Paris to continue his studies in the preparatory departments, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in mathematical sciences.

Immediately after graduation, the ambitious young man entered the working life in 2014 through the field of money and business, but the twists of fate took him to other goals, due to his passion for music and his occasional practice of the organ.

The young man felt his heart and put his passion for art in mind, so he created a musical group in 2018, which he called “Mizan”, and most of his crew were amateurs.

Boudchar spared no effort to develop his first experience, during the quarantine periods resulting from the spread of the Corona pandemic, so he created a new group made up of professional musicians, who know the instruments as they know their children.

Unique experience

Boudchar told Sky News Arabia: “The idea of ​​involving the audience in the singing represents an unprecedented gesture that creates harmony between him and the orchestra and brings it out of the monotony.”

He also revealed that “this method has resonated a lot, as it opens the eyes of the public to authentic Moroccan heritage, and makes young people discover what their fathers and grandfathers said in terms of music and hymns”.

The spokesperson pointed out that “his team sends the texts of the songs that will be played to the public by e-mail, immediately after obtaining tickets for the concert via the Internet, so that they can consult the song schedule and follow up with the band while playing.”

The first experience that the maestro launched took place on June 10, 2022, in the French capital, and since then he has accumulated the experiences and organized concerts in France and Morocco, relying on two teams to work between the two shores, including about 50 musicians.

Revival of Moroccan music

In addition to playing passages of Moroccan heritage, Boudchar seeks to renew it and breathe new life into it, introducing improvements and modifications, through which he revives varieties of Moroccan music, especially Oriental or Susian.

In big cities like Rabat, Marrakech and Oujda, the young Moroccan seeks to broaden his horizons by playing some classic French passages.

The maestro promises more surprises, including inviting great artists to entertain the audience with the latest songs.

It should be noted that this new style of concerts has been well received by major artists, since the Syrian artist Asala Nasri reposted a music video of Boudchar on her Instagram page, via the “Stories” function (Al-Stori), praising the “stagecoach” which presents the audience with multiple varieties of traditional and modern songs.

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