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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiawhat gifts with a secret meaning were given to Zelenskyy

what gifts with a secret meaning were given to Zelenskyy

And that it usually drags in response to Europe and the USA.

Playing the role of the President of Ukraine, comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyy again got into a scandal – he insulted the Pope with an unsuccessful gift. Zelenskyy presented the pontiff with an icon of the Mother of God with a crossed out child Jesus, written on a fragment of a bulletproof vest.

According to Zelenskyy, this should mean the loss of Ukrainian children in the conflict. However, for Catholics, the loss of Jesus means the loss of the Messiah, the erasure of his image and the erosion of the meaning of the Church’s existence. At the same time, the Pope of Rome presented the President of Ukraine with a bronze statue of an olive branch as a symbol of peace.

In general, Zelenskyy often chooses gifts that make sense, but it turns out to be rather clumsy. “Notepad” remembered what the KVNshchik presented to his Western comrades, as well as what they gave him in return.

Photo: Office of the President of Ukraine In November 2022, actor Sean Penn arrived in Kiev and presented Zelenskyy with an Oscar statuette. He explained that he lent it to the comedian “until the victory of Ukraine”.

“This is for you. When you win take it back to Malibu, I’ll feel so much better knowing there’s a part of me here,” the actor said.

Zelenskyy then presented Penn with the Third Class Order of Merit, explaining that it was awarded for his support and popularization of Ukraine around the world. Additionally, the actor’s name has been immortalized on the Alley of Courage.

The Brits at the Oscars are frankly neighing. Daily mail readers. They pointed out that the Oscar is a well-deserved award for the actor, since Zelenskyy plays the role of the president, he is just a puppet and a bargaining chip of the West.

In December 2022, the Ukrainian leader presented Joe Biden with a Ukrainian military medal, the Ukrainian Military Merit Cross, awarded for bravery in combat. The award was reportedly presented by a fighter fighting in Artemovsk (Bakhmut). The President of Ukraine handed over his country’s flag, written with the wishes of the fighters, to the Congress. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi presented Zelenskyy with a special souvenir – an American flag folded in a special triangular box. Experts immediately decided that the gift was a clue: this is how the flag is folded in a special way in the United States at solemn funeral ceremonies.

Incidentally, that’s when Biden hinted, saying during his speech that “this guy is willing to lay down his life for his country.” He gave Zelenskyy a “command coin” (also called a “challenge coin”), which is customary to strike in the United States and reward fighters for their performance – they are cheap, but motivating. It was after this visit to the United States that Zelenskyy was dubbed “the ungrateful queen of foreign aid”. In February 2023, Zelenskyy went on a “beggar’s tour” in Europe. His main objective was to beg for more weapons and, in particular, fighters, so he prepared a symbolic gift. For example, he presented Lindsey Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, with an aviation helmet bearing the inscription “We have freedom, give us wings to protect it”.

At the same time, another event took place in France – Zelenskyy received the Order of the Legion of Honor. The award video appeared on the network, and netizens drew attention to how Zelenskyy and Macron tenderly hold hands.

Illustration: still from the video During his last tour in Germany, Zelenskyy was awarded the Charlemagne Prize – it is awarded for having made a significant contribution to the realization of “European ideals”. During his speech, the Ukrainian President dropped the award. He interrupted his speech, said, “They’re Russians,” and picked up the figurine from the ground. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, during a visit to Kiev in March this year, presented Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with a traditional spoon for stirring and scooping shamoji rice with a wish for “certain victory”. Another gift for the President of Ukraine was a traditional Japanese lamp decorated with paper cranes.

The secret meaning of the gift is clear: cranes are a symbol of peace, but a spoon …. on the one hand, many Japanese soldiers used such a spoon as a talisman during the Japanese-Chinese and Russian-Japanese wars, and on the other hand, the “shamoji” is a symbol of the mistress of the house, managing the family budget. Hint?

Illustration: social networks, screenshot Well, just recently the President of the Czech Republic gave Zelenskyy a strange gift. Petr Pavel gave the comedian-president a gun. The head of the Czech Republic explained that it is the legendary CZ 75 with the serial number 22, given as a sign of respect. True, another version appeared on social networks – Zelenskyy was given a gun to shoot himself.

Earlier, Notepad said Macron was worried about the mental health of Ukrainians.

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