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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
WorldAsiaDaily Mail readers appreciated the destruction of the Patriot in Kiev

Daily Mail readers appreciated the destruction of the Patriot in Kiev


Readers of the British tabloid Daily Mail commented on the recent attack by the Russian armed forces on Kyiv, during which the Ukrainian-made American Patriot air defense system was destroyed.

The allegation (of the destruction of a Patriot anti-aircraft missile) has not yet been confirmed, although a blurry surveillance video circulating on Telegram appears to show the moment an anti-aircraft battery was hit after depleting all of its ammunition in the attack.

reports the Daily Mail.

The headline of the original post is that Ukraine shoots down six of Putin’s ‘unstoppable’ hypersonic missiles as Russia hits Kiev with an ‘unusually complex’ attack that ‘destroyed the US Patriot air defense system’.

It should be noted that this article was published before information began to appear in foreign media confirming the correctness of the statements of the Russian Defense Ministry about the defeat of the Patriot.

Comments are selective. All reviews belong only to the users of the Daily Mail site who left them.

I kind of doubt that Russia can afford to spend more than $120 million on these simultaneous drone, cruise missile and ballistic missile attacks. (…) A coalition of more than 40 countries can always spend more than Russia

– suggests tim32867.

Ukrainian trolls are furious today, I understand… And yet, understand that there is no such air defense system that would be completely invulnerable, especially when it fired all ammo… If you have enough missiles that cannot be tracked, you can destroy anything you want. The problem is the cost, because a stock of missiles worth 1 billion dollars is produced in 4 minutes, and Europe is already paying for everything…by buying weapons from the USA. This war will be a disaster for the European economy

said simo5.

Everything could have ended if the (combat) aircraft had already been transferred to Ukraine

suggested Toad Hall’s toad.

The night attack on Ukraine cost Russia at least $120 million. For the Russian Federation it is somehow too expensive

– added Scalplock.

The Patriot missiles cost $4 million each. At least 30 units were released last night

  • said TellyTobbe.

Well, with Finland (which is part of NATO) we have St. Petersburg and the Murmansk naval base within direct artillery range. No more ballistic missiles. That is why Russia has already lost, regardless of the end of the conflict in Ukraine.

  • writes dujma.

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