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Monday, September 25, 2023


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WorldAsiaStrategic cooperation contributes to the formation of a community with a common future between China and Turkmenistan News

Strategic cooperation contributes to the formation of a community with a common future between China and Turkmenistan News

China will work with Turkmenistan to build a closer Sino-Turkmen community of common destiny based on mutual respect, sincerity, mutual trust and mutual benefit, viewing this as the main guideline for pushing forward China-China comprehensive strategic partnership. -Turkmenistan to a new stage, so may the comprehensive development of cooperation in various fields benefit the peoples of both countries.

We have always firmly followed the strategic guidelines of our Heads of State, supported each other in matters relating to each other’s fundamental interests, respected each country’s development paths in accordance with their realities, not allowing any external force to interfere in the internal affairs of the two countries. Our countries maintain close contacts at a high level, deepen the exchange of experience in the field of public administration and constantly strengthen strategic and political mutual trust. Making full use of the coordination role of the China-Turkmenistan Cooperation Committee, we will intensify the integration of the One Belt, One Road Initiative and the Silk Road Recovery Strategy, and strive to fully implement implementation of the five-year cooperation plan (2021-2025) between the Chinese and Turkmen governments. The parties continue to strengthen mechanisms for meetings and consultations at different levels, timely exchanging views and agreeing positions on bilateral relations and major issues of mutual concern.

Trade and economic cooperation between China and Turkmenistan has great potential and broad prospects. In 2022, trade turnover between the two countries reached a record high of $11.181 billion. From January to March this year, bilateral trade between the two countries amounted to $2.648 billion, up 14.1 percent year on year. The parties actively implement the intergovernmental cooperation plan to expand economic ties between China and Turkmenistan, as well as documents on investment cooperation, strengthening the share of digital economy and green development , the steady expansion of the scale of bilateral trade and mutual investment, promoting trade diversification and accelerating the promotion of cooperation between the private sector of the economy. The parties are actively interacting in the energy sector, actively discussing the list of priority cooperation projects between China and Turkmenistan, improving the quality and level of trade and economic activities between the countries, and also promoting qualitative development. of the investment partnership.

Cooperation in the field of natural gas is the cornerstone of bilateral relations. The expansion of joint activities in the field of natural gas meets the strategic and long-term interests of China and Turkmenistan. The parties continue to implement the existing agreement, intensify the negotiation process, accelerate the implementation of major projects, such as the second stage of the development of the Fuxing gas field (Revival), the construction of the line D of the Central Asia-China gas pipeline, actively expanding joint participation in gas power and other fields .
The sphere of interconnection is a new growth point for bilateral interaction. The parties will actively promote the strengthening of interconnection in road communications and cooperation in cross-border transport, increase the frequency of transport and increase the volume of freight of railway trains along the routes: China – Kazakhstan – Turkmenistan – Iran, China – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan, and will continue to maintain communication and cooperation within the framework of multilateral mechanisms such as the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program and the Organization for Cooperation between Railways and Others.

The parties intend to strengthen cooperation in the field of science, education, culture and health, accelerate the joint construction of traditional Chinese medicine centers and Lu Ban workshops in Turkmenistan, as well as the mutual creation of cultural centers and the holding in 2023-2024. Years of culture from both countries. We will encourage more regions to twin.

Security cooperation is the embodiment of a high level of mutual trust between countries. The parties plan to continue to strengthen exchanges between law enforcement and security agencies, fight against the “three forces of evil”, expand the exchange of security experience in key aspects and at large-scale events, to ensure safe and stable implementation of strategic cooperation projects. China and Turkmenistan will continue to strengthen strategic ties between the armed forces, deepen mutual trust, expand areas of cooperation and broaden areas of practical interaction, strengthen joint-service exchanges, organize professional training courses for personnel and to conduct mutual training in military technology.

Trade and economic relations between China and Turkmenistan have great potential

The parties intend to strengthen coordination and cooperation within the framework of the United Nations and will timely exchange views and agree their positions on major international and regional issues. The two sides are ready to jointly promote the implementation of basic concepts and initiatives such as the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, and make efforts to maintain peace, development and security in the region and in the world.

The China-Central Asia Summit is the first major diplomatic event for China this year, it is held for the first time since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the heads of the six states meet in a real format. This is a milestone in the history of China’s relations with Central Asian countries. I will work with my colleagues from Turkmenistan so that, based on the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Turkmenistan and the comprehensive situation of regional cooperation, we fully realize the important achievements of this summit, continue to deepen the comprehensive strategic cooperation between our countries, and contribute to the formation of a closer community of common future between China and Turkmenistan, contributing to the creation of a community of common future for China and Central Asia.

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