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WorldAsiaMubadala Investment achieves performance levels above international indicators

Mubadala Investment achieves performance levels above international indicators


Despite global economic challenges, Mubadala has continued its strategic expansion:

Mubadala Investment UAE achieves performance levels that exceed global indicators in the year 2022 Mubadala Investment UAE employs investments worth $29.1 billion in the year 2022 Mubadala Investment assets exceeding 276 billion dollars Mubadala Investment achieves returns of approximately $29 billion during 2022

Mubadala has achieved performance levels above global indicators, despite the numerous economic challenges observed in 2022, which have strongly affected financial markets and investors’ orientations, thanks to the efficient management of its investment portfolio, the solid placement of investments and the sale of a number of the matured assets at the appropriate value and at the appropriate time.

In this regard, Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, Group Managing Director and CEO, said: “Despite the global challenges that have strongly affected financial markets and investor sentiment, we achieved levels of performance that exceeded global indicators. , and we maintained our long-term strategic approach to investing in key markets and business areas.

Al-Mubarak referred to Mubadala’s investments in 2022 saying:

We have invested 107 billion dirhams in promising business sectors that have a positive impact, including life sciences, renewable energy and digital infrastructure. We have invested in sectors that offer stable financial returns, such as real estate and traditional infrastructure. We made sure to invest more in other alternative investments, including private equity and private credit, to ride out any volatility in traditional asset classes. We realized revenues of MAD 106 billion from the sale of a number of mature assets at the appropriate value, with the aim of employing them in new investments in high potential business sectors and geographical regions , including Asia, which we believe has great investment potential in the areas of technology, digital infrastructure and energy transition.

Al-Mubarak continued, “Although global economic conditions are still unstable, we will continue to focus on long-term investments based on our beliefs and investment approach.”

In line with its strategy of investing in business sectors that shape the future, Mubadala has invested MAD 107 billion in the life sciences, renewable energy and digital infrastructure sectors, and closed two of the 10 most major healthcare transactions in 2022, such as investing with “EQ” T in Envirotainer; Global supplier of transport chain solutions for temperature sensitive drugs and pharmaceuticals.

It also invested, with Warburg Pincus, in the acquisition of Informa Pharma Intelligence for $2.6 billion; It is a data and software company for clinical trials and drug development, and once the deal was done, the company acquired a stake in it and renamed it “Norstela”.

In renewable energy, Mubadala invested $525 million with BlackRock Real Assets in Tata Renewable Energy; One of India’s largest renewable energy companies, building on Mubadala’s fast-growing clean energy portfolio.

Mubadala also acquired a 100% stake in Skyburn Renewables; The world’s largest private developer of offshore wind energy, together with Global Infrastructure Partners.

also completed the purchase of Global Infrastructure Partners’ 50% stake in Bluepoint Wind; This is an innovative project with a capacity of 1.6 gigawatts off the coasts of New Jersey and New York.

In 2022, Mubadala invested in several digital infrastructure projects, with the company investing $350 million in Princeton Digital Group; Data Centers Asia, as well as an additional £300m commitment to Cityfiber; The UK’s largest integrated fiber platform, making an initial investment of £500m in the business.

In 2022, Mubadala has made numerous investments in real estate, infrastructure and alternative investments, including private equity and private credit.

The company began investing in credit investments in the European real estate market through a joint venture with Aris Company. Specialized in alternative investments, in addition to a partnership agreement of 2.1 billion dollars on a portfolio of private equity assets with the French private investment company Ardian, via Mubadala Capital, 100% owned by Mubadala Group and specialized in asset management, as well as a partnership with KKR Investment Company credit in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mubadala achieved a turnover of 106 billion dirhams with the aim of investing it in new investments in high-growth business sectors, including the sale of a 24.9% stake in Borealis, l a leading producer of basic chemicals and fertilizers based in Austria.

The group, along with Trafigura, sold Matsa for $1.87 billion and Mubadala sold its remaining stake in Glencore.

At the end of 2022, the Mubadala Group maintained assets worth more than one trillion dirhams.

In this regard, Carlos Obaid, Group Chief Financial Officer, said: “As a sovereign investor, we benefit from a long-term investment horizon. Our five-year cumulative return of 8.5% and our in 2022 by (-3.1%). , indicate that Mubadala has outperformed by one degree. We will continue to focus on investment investment operations in line with our strategy and effective investment management, which confirms the strength of our business and investment approach.”

It should be noted that Mubadala outperformed major equity indices in 2022, which saw significant declines, including the Nasdaq Composite Index (-33.1%), the Standard & Poor’s 500 (-19.4%) and the Dow. Jones Industrial Average (-8.8 percent). .

The most significant financial and operational achievements for the year 2022:

Employing investments worth AED 107 billion, in line with the company’s strategy, in sectors such as life sciences, renewable energy and digital infrastructure. A diversified and consistent investment portfolio year after year, made up of 36% direct and indirect investments in private companies, 27% in listed shares and 15% in real estate and infrastructure. Realize revenues of AED 106 billion through the sale of a number of mature assets and invest the yield in new investments in priority investment areas, in line with the company’s strategy and program responsible investment. Maintain assets worth more than AED 1 trillion, with strong performance in real estate, infrastructure and alternative investments, including private equity and private credit. Debt ratio of 8.5%, down from the previous year, reflecting prudent capital management and a solid monetary position to manage the current economic cycle with a long-term view.

Mubadala had announced its intention to start publishing multi-year benchmark comparisons, instead of other metrics such as annual return, net income or total comprehensive income, which no longer apply to Mubadala as a long-term investor, and the company issues several one-year measurement indicators, this is what he began to announce since 2021.

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