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Saturday, June 3, 2023
Government and PoliticsBefore supporting the second round candidate, Ogan boasts of the achievements of...

Before supporting the second round candidate, Ogan boasts of the achievements of the nationalists


The two candidates in the second round, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, candidate of the People’s Alliance, and opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, candidate of the National Alliance, expect Ogan’s support in the second round.

Sinan Ogan had postponed the announcement of the candidate he would support in the second round, from last Friday to Monday.

nationalist gains

Sinan said of his success: • We have made Turkish nationalism and Kemalism one of the main objectives of the country. • We have elevated Turkish nationalists to a major position in political life. • We brought Turkish national voters, who were split between the two main alliances, to center stage and they became a powerful figure. • We contributed to the emergence of a strong nationalist electoral bloc in Turkey, and this rhetoric allowed the nationalist bloc to expand. • We have the ability to tip the winner in the second round, while pushing the election to the second round. • We made sure that the candidates who made it to the second round adopted our rhetoric. • We have We have established sufficient awareness regarding refugees. principled and decisive position in the fight against all kinds of terrorist organizations such as the PKK and the Hizmet movement will not find a political supporter. • We have prevented the People’s Democratic Party and the Huda Bar Party from controlling Turkish politics. issues such as the established principles of the constitution and Turkish identity.

Flirt with candidates

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan surprisingly visited Sinan Ogan on Friday, coinciding with the date set by the latter when he will reveal which of the candidates he will support in the second round.

The meeting lasted an hour between Erdogan and Ogan in the latter’s office in Istanbul, in an unusual move by Erdogan, who often receives allies at the presidential palace.

While Kilicdaroglu appeared, in a video tape on his official accounts on communication sites, in which he called on young people to vote in the second round of presidential elections.

If this message was normal and expected, the second message was remarkable, when he took a stand against the policy of welcoming refugees.

Kilicdaroglu says, ‘We didn’t find this homeland on the street, and we won’t leave that to the mentality that has placed 10 million irregular refugees among us’, which is a clear message from the opposition candidate in Ogan, who became known as the “kingmaker” in Turkey.

Support Terms

Turkish political analyst Nasir Senki explained to “Sky News Arabia” Sinan Ogan’s conditions for supporting either party in the second round:

  • Do not modify the article describing the citizen: “Turkish citizens must be qualified as Turkish” (referring to the rejection of other identities like Kurdish).

Do not support “terrorism”; Referring to the Green Left Party or the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party.

  • The existence of a political program that pulls Turkey out of its economic crisis, supports the value of the lira, and does not lower interest rates further.
  • He can claim the post of vice-president or obtain ministerial posts in the next government.

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