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Friday, June 9, 2023
WorldAsiaPutin could play the 'trump card' he's had up his sleeve for over 20 years

Putin could play the ‘trump card’ he’s had up his sleeve for over 20 years



Throughout his time in power, Russian President Vladimir Putin has always been blamed for the presence in the country’s state apparatus of henchmen of the liberal wing of the Russian elite.

This was told by the famous economist Mikhail Khazin, according to the DEITA.RU news agency with reference to the “Moscow speaks” radio station.

At the same time, as the expert explained, in more than 20 years of occupying the highest state offices, Putin was never able to completely rid all floors of the Russian administrative elite of liberal-minded civil servants. Even now, despite the fact that the position of this part of the establishment has been significantly weakened, it has not yet been possible to remove them from making important decisions for the country.

However, according to Khazin, in the near future, circumstances may arise in Russia in which Putin simply cannot help but begin a full-scale cleanse of the elite. According to expert forecasts, this can happen when the socio-economic situation in the state begins to turn critical. At the beginning of the year, theoretically, such a situation has already begun to take shape, at least in the sense of an uncontrolled rise in food prices.

In this regard, according to Khazin, Putin still has his “trump card” up his sleeve in the form of the possibility of a total renewal of the state apparatus in the most extreme case.

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