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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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A new audio recording of the Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Hamidti


Quick Support pages on Facebook and Twitter posted the audio message on Monday, but it was unclear when it was recorded.

And the voice recording from the Rapid Support Commander said:

Greetings to the Sudanese people, and we regret the state of the country in which you find yourself because of the two coups and the terrorists. Greetings to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States for their efforts on behalf of the Sudanese people, and thanks to brotherly and friendly countries for their solidarity with the Sudanese people. We congratulate Saudi Arabia on the success of the summit in Jeddah and we welcome the results of this summit. Greetings to all Arab politicians for their interest in Sudanese affairs. I pay tribute to brotherly African countries, the African Union and IGAD. We congratulate the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese people for the recent victories in Northern Bahri, the Air Defense Forces, the Chemical Forces and a number of other places. We command all our valiant forces to redouble their efforts to fight the outlaws, control security, and stop the gangs of looting and vandalism. We affirm our concern for the security of our country and our people, and that the current war has been imposed on us. We affirm that the leaders of the defunct extremist regime, together with the leaders of the coup, planned to block the way to democratic transformation. We affirm that the Rapid Support Forces have no enmity with the armed forces, and that the main problem is with those who took away the decision of the armed forces. Salutations to the political forces and national civil society organizations that condemned the coup. We call on the Sudanese people to unite, to renounce differences and not to respond to the calls of extremists and terrorists. We affirm RSF’s commitment to restoring democratic transition and ending the vicious circle that has destroyed Sudan. We condemn the bombardment of civilians, hospitals, factories and infrastructure with aircraft and heavy artillery, and we sympathize with the innocent lives we have lost. We call on the Sudanese people to pay heed to the remnants’ plans and disinformation campaigns that aim to widen the circle of war. We will not back down until the end of this putsch, the trial of all those who have committed crimes against the Sudanese people, and the return to the democratic path. We affirm our respect for all international laws relating to the protection of human rights, so we treat the prisoners of the putschists in a manner befitting humanity. We condemn the attack on the churches by the putschists and the attempt to trap the RSF. Total chaos is part of the plans for both coups, as evidenced by the release of prisoners from all prisons in Khartoum state, including leaders of the defunct regime.

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