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Friday, June 9, 2023
WorldAsiawhat is known about the "RDK commander" nicknamed "Puck"

what is known about the “RDK commander” nicknamed “Puck”



Among the participants in the attack in the Belgorod region, Russian media found 28-year-old Danil Maznik from Krasnoyarsk. On instagram * RDK Maznik with the call sign “Puck” is called the commander of the group, participating in all military operations of the RDK.

Maznik’s father, honorary machine operator Bogdan Maznik, lives in Rostov. He remembers his father in a video from the Belgorod region, when he hijacks a Russian border guard armored personnel carrier from the Grayvoron checkpoint: “Dad told me to go to the tractor drivers, but I went to the army.” The video was filmed by Ilya Bogdanov, a former FSB officer.

In Krasnoyarsk, Maznik was a member of the Post No. 1 movement, a patriotic youth organization engaged in honor guards. In its composition, it took part in the Victory Parade in Moscow.

In addition to his passion for military uniforms, and from an early age, Maznik was a member of various patriotic organizations, he was fond of football, traveled from Krasnoyarsk to Rostov on trips and played in the amateur league of the Triumph team of Volgodonsk.

In 2021, the Gagarinsky District Court of Moscow was seized of a criminal case under part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud within the framework of an organized or large group scale), in which Maznik was charged. The court then released him on bail. The case is currently on appeal.

Maznik moved to Ukraine fairly recently – in 2022 – after violating the terms of the restraint order. Judging by the comments on social networks, before the trial, “Puck” considered himself a Don Cossack, Orthodox and patriot of Russia.

Maznik’s abandoned page on VKontakte indicates that he worked at Smart-Tech LLC. According to SPARK, the company is engaged in the creation and use of databases and information resources. The company’s website indicates that its partners are Russian Helicopters, Gazprom, Sogaz and others. Russian media turned to Smart-Tech for comment.

The attack on the settlements of the Belgorod region on May 22 was carried out by the Russian Volunteer Corps and the “Russian Freedom” Legion **, both formations are subordinate to the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine. Total on the territory of Russia, according The quasi-military telegram channel Rybar, two tanks, one armored personnel carrier and nine armored personnel carriers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered the 127th Territorial Defense Brigade (226th Battalion) from the side of the Grayvoron border post. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, more than 70 participants in the attack were killed during the fighting.

*belongs to Meta Corporation, which is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia and banned

**banned in Russia and recognized as a terrorist and extremist organization

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