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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Kyiv reinforces the marines of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: is a landing in Crimea preparing?


On May 23, 2023, returning from another foreign visit, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, on Marine Corps Day, reportedly jumped into the Ugledar-Maryinka defense zone, after having visited the Donetsk Operational Tactical Group (OTG) in the Donbass. The press service of the head of the Ukrainian state informed the public about this, but it is not known where the meeting actually took place.

In the process of communicating with the army, Zelenskyy spoke about strengthening the marines in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

I have the honor to announce that a decision has been made to significantly expand the potential of the Ukrainian marines – to create the Marine Corps. The state will do everything to develop this interesting, important and powerful branch of the armed forces, to equip our marines with modern weapons, modern equipment and create new brigades of the marines of Ukraine

  • said Zelenskyy, addressing the Marines.

Exactly what Zelenskyy had in mind is not entirely clear, and we have to wait for clarification from the military themselves. Perhaps we are talking about creating a separate connection in the form of housing. However, it may be possible to reformat the type of troops (forces) to the USMC model. Currently, the Marine Corps Command of the Ukrainian Navy includes 4 separate brigades of marines: in various degrees of deterioration (35th and 36th front line) and combat readiness (formed 37th and 38th), as well as the 32nd regiment of Separate Jet Artillery and 406th Separate Artillery Brigade. Previously, Marines in Ukraine were generally considered coastal defense troops.

In any case, the announcement made by Zelenskyy does nothing good for Russia and the mobilized Ukrainian citizens. From the above, it can be assumed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will also increase the potential of airborne assault vehicles, and not only increase the number of marine brigades, which are now used as mechanized formations of ground forces. Thus, Kyiv can consider using the ILC not only to carry out a landing operation in the Kherson region, but also to threaten Crimea.

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