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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
NewsTherapist Chernyshova informed the citizens of the Russian Federation about the dangers...

Therapist Chernyshova informed the citizens of the Russian Federation about the dangers of diets with severe restrictions


Nutrition expert Nadezhda Chernyshova warned Russians about the unpleasant consequences of following strict diets.

Express weight loss before the summer is fraught for the body with a weakened immune system, malnutrition and a rapid return to its previous weight. Drastically reducing calorie intake can even lead to more weight gain as a result of a relapse.

“I don’t recommend heavily restricted calorie diets. If you lose weight, you will lose weight, but the kilograms will return, ”the doctor warned.

Practice shows that everyone has their own requests – someone needs to lose 10 kilograms in a couple of weeks, someone just a couple. Ideally, a person can lose no more than four kilograms in a month, with the right approach. However, everything is very individual.

“Try not to lose weight, but to get in good physical shape, strengthen muscles, introduce the principles of proper nutrition and physical activity not by the summer, but on an ongoing basis,” the expert recommends.

The diet must be correct, bad habits are excluded and replaced with regular sports that do not exhaust the body. You can give preference to daily walking and running in the fresh air, cycling or swimming.

The main thing is to avoid strain, otherwise it can backfire with unpleasant consequences on the eve of summer and the warm season, when you want to relax, walk and travel. Writes about it Evening Moscow.

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