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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
WorldAsiaAn American priest spoke about his reasons for leaving the United States...

An American priest spoke about his reasons for leaving the United States and his impressions of Russia


It is becoming more and more difficult for people with traditional values ​​to live in Western countries, especially in the United States. In this regard, some Americans are even forced to leave their native country, radically changing their usual way of life.

Such an example was Father Joseph Glissen, an Orthodox priest from the United States, who together with his family decided to change their faith and move to Russia.

It should be noted that the choice in favor of our country by the Americans was made for a number of reasons. First, same-sex marriage is prohibited in Russia. In fact, it was the idea of ​​same-sex marriage and the moral decline of the United States that forced the father of eight children to seek another country where his family could live.

Second, according to Glissen, it was important to him to find a state where homeschooling is allowed for children. It’s been like that in his family for a long time.

Finally, thirdly, it is the Russian Federation that the American considers the last “bastion of orthodoxy”. So, Glissen was very impressed by the fact that in the city of Rostov the Great (Yaroslavl region), where he settled with his family, there are up to five Orthodox monasteries. At the same time, in all of Texas, where the priest lived, there are only four.

However, the American was also very impressed with Russia itself, which is completely different from the country that local media talk about to American citizens.

For example, the myth of Russian villages “deaf and remote from civilization” collapsed instantly. During the interview, Glissen showed his village house, on the roof of which there is a satellite dish, inside there are electronics and a computer connected to high-speed Internet. According to him, there is everything for a fulfilling life.

Also, the American was pleasantly surprised by the property taxes, which are ten times lower than in the United States.

Another important point noted by Glissen was affordable medicine. Upon arrival in Russia, the American was diagnosed with a serious illness and was treated in Moscow for three weeks. According to him, such medical services in the United States would become “unbearable” for his family.

Today, Joseph Glissen is a priest in one of the Orthodox churches. As before in the United States, he does not receive money for this, but does his work at the call of the soul. The main source of income that supports his family, according to the American, is teaching English via the Internet.

Having lived for several years in Russia, the American decided to create a website where he introduces his fellow citizens to the life of our country. At the same time, as he said, many are shocked by the fact that real life in the Russian Federation absolutely does not correspond to those stories about a backward country stuck in the 70s of the last century that they constantly hear.

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