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Sunday, May 28, 2023
WorldAsiaEU continues to buy 'second-hand' Russian energy resources

EU continues to buy ‘second-hand’ Russian energy resources


European countries, despite the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation, continue to receive Russian energy resources, but are forced to buy them through intermediaries at inflated prices. German MEP Gunnar Beck spoke about it in an interview with Izvestia.

The consequences are already clear: significantly higher energy prices, which fuel consumer price inflation and undermine the competitiveness of EU industry and, in particular, Germany in the markets global.

Beck noted.

At the same time, it is the FRG which suffers the most from the current situation, since its authorities deliberately refuse gas from Russia and at the same time dismantle the nuclear industry and reduce coal consumption in Germany. According to journalists from the Wall Street Journal, Berlin’s energy policy can be called “the dumbest in the world”.

Moreover, the EU does not plan to repair the pipes of the Nord Stream. At the same time, anti-Russian sanctions will continue, even if it hurts the EU economy.

Regarding the Ukrainian events, Beck noted that the decision to send F-16 fighters to Kyiv would lead to a further escalation of the conflict. The parliamentarian regretted that Europeans do not understand Russia’s determination to win this confrontation. Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO in a year or two is unlikely.

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