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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Libyan consensus on the election of the head of state and members of parliament



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The Joint Committee (6 + 6), in charge of the Libyan House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the State to prepare electoral laws, announced that it had achieved complete agreement regarding the points related to the election of the President of the State and members of the National Assembly, in addition to how to involve political parties in the House of Representatives elections, through party lists or nominations. single.

A statement issued by the committee, issued in the evening, after its meeting in the Moroccan city of Bouznika (south of Rabat), indicated that progress had been made in defining and distributing seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate, according to the electoral districts, the procedures for forming and approving lists of nominations and representation of women, controlling electoral crimes, and the procedures for electoral appeals related to the elections of the head of state. And the House of Representatives and the Senate, and regulating the right of all candidates to have equitable access to government and private media platforms.

The joint committee stated that the next legislative authority, i.e. the National Assembly, will be composed of two chambers, the House of Representatives and the Senate, “which takes some time to formulate and control its legislation.” She also highlighted that the legislative and presidential elections will be organized according to simultaneous procedures.

On the other hand, the committee affirmed the keenness of its members and the keenness of their colleagues in the House of Representatives and the state to complete the preparation of various electoral draft laws in the Bouznika meeting, in order to achieve a consensual and comprehensive legislative framework for the elections in Libya, in constant consultation with the judicial bodies and the technical bodies represented by the National Commission. Supreme Council for Elections, and the United Nations Support Mission in Libya.

The committee also made it clear that before the election laws entered into force, and in order not to confiscate the hopes of the Libyans, the current Libyan reality “imposes on all of us to give priority to the interest of the Libyan citizen over all narrow calculations,” by strengthening mutual trust and common political will, through the formation of a unified government. It paves the way for electoral events in all countries, and deals with them in a responsible and transparent manner.

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