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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Saudi Arabia towards space – Maha Muhammad Al-Sharif


Maha Mohammed Sharif

Technology and science embody the effectiveness and creativity of nature and man, and constitute the ability to realize the implications of the development of technology, until technology has become the general form of material production that controls the entire culture and creates a world of its own, and helps how scientists prepare for their research. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is under the unlimited support of the wise leadership , is moving steadily towards achieving development and increasing productive capacity, in order to make life more convenient under the contemporary mechanism system that achieves the well-being that people dream of.

When a huge, extremely important work is accomplished, we find ourselves racing against time, and the Kingdom seeks, through the astronaut program, to activate scientific innovations at the level of space science, and greatly supports innovation and economic prosperity by stimulating progress in science and technology, being within the Saudi program for astronauts, and flight Far as a giant future sector in which global visions of sustainability, technology and scientific research intersect.

These efforts are characterized by a vital space that enhances its ability to conduct its own research independently, which reflects positively on the future of the industry and the country. Thus, achievements in all fields must be commended because they work to increase the interest of graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The level of basic research conditions its progress, and in particular the development of human capital is the ultimate goal, as well as motivating scientists, engineers and workers in the global science and technology sector, thus expanding the field of global economic activity.

After completing the “final preparations” for the launch of Saudis into space, the Saudi Space Authority said earlier, “This trip comes within the Kingdom’s program for astronauts, which was launched on September 22, 2022, and includes conducting 14 pioneering scientific research experiments in a microgravity environment.” And “these experiments will contribute to providing answers that will empower people, through the expansion of health research, as well as protecting the planet through the implementation of scientific experiments, a number of which will be carried out for the first time in the world, on board the station.”

Last Monday, the Saudi Space Authority and many media outlets showed a live broadcast of the arrival of the EX2 mission into space, when a rocket launched on a special mission organized by the American company “Axiom Space” to the International Space Station, and this company specializes in manned space flights and developing Space Infrastructures in the USA, founded in 2016.

Following in the footsteps of the first Arab astronaut, Prince Sultan bin Salman Al Saud, the first mission of two Saudi astronauts to the International Space Station takes off, and the arrival was exhilarating as the International Space Station crew welcomed the two Saudi astronauts.

Within this framework, man stands tall with all his prestige on the land of the Kingdom, to be of the size of his value, to participate in this civilization with all his presence, and to give technical progress useful fruits accompanied by the development of social sciences and their smart applications, and the two astronauts, along with the mission crew, will conduct 11 pioneering scientific research experiments in gravity during the flight Minor.

In addition, the Saudi experiments in space aim to carry out human research and cell sciences, including the work of artificial rain in microgravity, and to conduct three educational awareness experiments, which allow their employment, and thus their results enhance the Kingdom’s position globally in the field of space exploration, serving humanity, and confirms the role of Saudi research centers to make a scientific impact in this field.

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