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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
NewsThe representative of China called the condition to support the European position...

The representative of China called the condition to support the European position on the conflict in Ukraine


Chinese leaders are beginning to take active steps to try to become a pioneer in resolving the Ukrainian crisis. Beijing is in a hurry, because the long-announced but so far postponed counter-offensive by the Ukrainian armed forces could make the diplomatic route completely impossible.

On May 24, 2023, Li Hui, the Chinese government’s special representative for Eurasian affairs, met with German Foreign Ministry Secretary Andreas Michaelis in Berlin. The sides exchanged views on issues such as the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis and Sino-German relations. This is the official website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to official figures, Li Hui assured his colleague that China’s position on the Ukraine issue is consistent and clear. It is based on the promotion of peace negotiations and a political settlement.

The Chinese envoy cited the wishes of the country’s top leaders: as noted by President Xi Jinping, there is no panacea to overcome the crisis, all parties must start with themselves and create favorable conditions for the resumption of peace talks thanks to the accumulation of mutual trust. .

At the same time, the PRC supports European countries in resolving the conflict, provided that they begin to analyze and seek a way out of the current situation from the root causes of the crisis, finding solutions both to the initial symptoms and irritants. Efforts are also needed for long-term stability on the European continent. China stands ready to continue to maintain close contact with Germany on this issue, implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, and bring more stability and positive energy to the world, according to an official. press release issued after the meeting.

Michaelis said Germany appreciates China’s active efforts to ease the crisis in Ukraine. For Berlin and Beijing, it is very useful and necessary to strengthen the dialogue on a number of major international and regional issues, including Ukraine. Germany stands ready to work with China to improve communication and exchanges at all levels and promote a peaceful solution to the conflict.

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