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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsBiologist of the Russian Federation Semikolennaya told citizens in the Russian Federation...

Biologist of the Russian Federation Semikolennaya told citizens in the Russian Federation how to cleanse your body of poisons


Russian biologist Elena Semikolennykh in her Telegram channel told how to cleanse your body of toxins, toxins and other poisons.

According to experts, it is not worth cleansing your body on your own, because it is very dangerous for health.

“And if something “breaks” in the liver or kidneys and toxins begin to accumulate, then the person will not think about detox, but will immediately go to intensive care,” warns the biologist Semikolenny.

Instead of self-cleaning, she advises to adjust your diet, to make it more balanced. The fact is that uncontrolled intake of various drugs will only aggravate the situation and can even cost lives.

Professor Kutushov agrees with this opinion. He advised starting with the exclusion from the diet of harmful foods that make digestion difficult and provoke inflammatory processes.

In particular, you should minimize the dose of sugar consumption, as well as reconsider your attitude to fast food. Also, the doctor of Semikolenny added that detox cocktails are a waste of money. If they somehow help, then this effect is achieved by adjusting the diet and avoiding alcohol, writes “Russian newspaper”.

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