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Thursday, June 1, 2023
WorldAsiaRussian missiles lead to a new stage of hostilities

Russian missiles lead to a new stage of hostilities


New Russian hypersonic missiles signal the start of a new phase of hostilities, The Telegraph reports.

“Invisible, fast and agile, this new type of weapon presents a challenge for defense. And that’s just the beginning,” the article said.

It is also stated that these hypersonic missiles are a serious challenge for the West, as they have high speed and are very difficult to shoot down. More and more variants of these weapons appear in the arsenal of Russia. Even with the creation of various countermeasures, modernization is carried out so that the missiles can still achieve their goals.

The article says hypersonic missiles like the Russian Zircon give military strategists the creeps and are of great concern to the US Navy.

“As hypersonic technology develops, the destruction of such a missile may become impossible,” the article said.

Earlier it was learned that one of the Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems supplied to Ukraine as part of US military support spent all 32 missiles trying to shoot down the Russian-made hypersonic Kinzhal missile.

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