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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsUS Secretary of Defense: Ukrainians will win in the end

US Secretary of Defense: Ukrainians will win in the end


“I’m confident that the Ukrainians will eventually win,” Austin said at a joint press conference with US Chief of Staff Mark Milley.

He explained that “Ukrainian forces have inflicted heavy casualties on Russian forces since the start of the invasion.”

He added that “50 countries have provided thousands of equipment and training programs to Ukraine, which will continue in the future”, noting that “Denmark and the Netherlands will provide F-16 fighters for Training”.

Mark Milley, for his part, said: “Russian President Vladimir Putin predicted a quick victory in Ukraine and suffered a major defeat.”

He continued: “Ukrainian forces have demonstrated great capability on the battlefield and in thwarting the Russian invasion.

And he added: “The Ukrainian defenses are multiple ranges and will cripple the Russian Air Force, and the F-16 is an additional capability.”

As for the spokesman of the US State Department Matthew Miller, he revealed that “the first step concerning the F-16 is to start training”.

He added: “We will work later with our partners to determine which countries will give their planes to Ukraine. The decision has not been made yet.”

“The nature of military aid provided to Ukraine changes with the course of the battle,” Miller said.

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