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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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NewsThe last of them is Ahmed Saad.. Artists' clothes are controversial in Egypt

The last of them is Ahmed Saad.. Artists’ clothes are controversial in Egypt

Singer Ahmed Saad appeared at the ceremony wearing an “earring” on his ears, and a transparent mesh shirt, which earned him a lot of criticism from pioneers on social networking sites.

Stars with bold looks

Ahmed Saad was not the only one to appear in daring clothes during his concerts. The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, had already caught his attention by his appearance on more than one occasion in which he wore transparent shirts .

At his last birthday party, Muhammad Ramadan continued the controversy by wearing a sheer chiffon shirt and loose sleeves adorned with embroidery, which exposed him to heavy criticism from the public.

The singer repeated this crisis during his last concert with singer Angham, where he wore a jacket with open sleeves, and the public criticized him and compared his clothes to women’s clothes.

Moreover, artist Amr Diab surprised his fans in the promotional poster for his song “The New Look” last year by wearing an open-breasted white mesh shirt. Which showed the details of her body, and netizens commented, at the time, on this strange look with great disapproval.

The Union of Musicians is online

Alaa Amer, the legal adviser to the Music Professions Union, told Sky News Arabia: “The idea of ​​artists appearing in daring clothes on stage is not new. There has been an attack on the artist before, Mohamed Ramadan, and now there has been criticism of singer Ahmed Saad, who is a great artist who had no reason to do so.

He added: “The matter will be presented to the Syndicate Council at its first meeting to decide on it and establish rules on the matter so that this unusual appearance does not happen again.”

Critics’ opinion

Music critic Ahmed Al-Samahi commented on the case with statements exclusive to Sky News Arabia.

The clothes of some performers and singers who appear on stage contradict taste, elegance and beauty, and their purpose is to attract attention, and nothing else. It is not right for beloved stars to wear such clothes that we have seen, the last of which is singer Ahmed Saad, because some teenagers and young people consider them as role models for them, and therefore young people will imitate them, then this ugliness is propagated between generations. If we let what is happening now pass without a firm pause, we will be surprised in the next few days by the appearance of these chants in bolder ways! Knowing that standing on stage to sing has its sacredness, and its clothing that has taught past generations about elegance, sophistication and beauty.

Despite this, many followers and the public appreciated these changes in appearance and considered them an artistic trend and not necessarily an invitation to wear these clothes, citing the strange clothes worn by Lady Gaga and some Western artists, who do not only part of the show.

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