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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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Pink PageTried to forgive the betrayal but it proved too much for her - "When someone shows you their true...

Tried to forgive the betrayal but it proved too much for her – “When someone shows you their true colors, believe them”

Shannon Mowery has drawn a lot of attention on TikTok by opening up about the struggles in her marriage. In a video that has received over a million views, she says she never thought she was one of those women who was willing to stay married to a cheating partner. However, she changed her mind when she found herself in this situation four years ago.

“I was probably willing to bet millions or billions that he could never cheat on me, so I think I was in shock and it took me months to come to terms with that,” Shannon, 27, explained. years. She and her husband had been together since adolescence, seven years at the time of the case, and what is more, they had only married six months earlier.

“He changed so much it was hard to understand, I just wanted things to go back to the way they were.” I wanted our love. I had no experience of being an adult without him, but I see now that I was quite complicit.”

After the affair was discovered, she decided to give the marriage another chance but told her husband it was his only chance, if he did it again she would get divorced.

“After that betrayal, when he wasn’t with me, I was in a constant state of anxiety,” Shannon explained, noting that she had an uncontrollable urge to go through her husband’s phone to make sure that he was not following her.

“The lady was his colleague. I didn’t trust him when he was at work, I didn’t trust him to take a ride. I was just in a constant paranoid, fight or flight state.”

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Persevered for four months but couldn’t take it anymore

Before her husband’s side step happened, Shannon had fallen on hard times. She says in a conversation with New York Post that she lost her mother the year before, which is extremely difficult in itself, but even more difficult considering that she is an only child and lives about two hours away from her family. Her husband gaslighted her after finding out to make sure she wouldn’t tell anyone about her adultery.

She endured this for four months, but during that time she could neither eat nor sleep, and the few times she slept she was haunted by nightmares about the betrayal. Of course, there were good days when she managed to think about other things and enjoy life with her husband, but often the memory suddenly came back to her like a cheek horse, and it affected the marriage. Her husband also did not do his best to regain her trust, on the contrary, he continued to see the concubine.

“I hated myself for those four months. I’m pretty dumb and I’m fun. I’m generally happy and affectionate. But back then I was none of that. I can’t control how other people treat me, and it’s all his fault and he’s the one who broke the trust, he betrayed me. But I can control the life I live and I’ll never be in that position again.”

Believe people who show their true colors

Shannon posted more videos on TikTok explaining that she discovered the cheating when she went through her husband’s phone and saw messages he had tried to hide. After these four months, she had had enough and decided to expose her husband on Facebook. He responded by leaving their shared home and cutting off all contact. In February 2020, they filed for divorce and today they no longer speak to each other and are blocked on social networks. Shannon told the New York Post that she had no interest in contacting her ex.

TikTok netizens have spoken out about her videos, with many claiming that when trust in a marriage is gone, it can never be fully rebuilt.

“When someone shows you their true colors, believe them. Quickly rip the band-aid off and live on,” one wrote.

“Once they’re gone, you’ll never be able to look at them the same way again.” It’s over,” wrote another.

Shannon told the New York Post that she needed to see a psychologist to relearn trust and find the strength to stand up for herself. Today, Shannon encourages others who find themselves in the same situation to get rid of their cheating spouse. It is not adultery itself that is the worst, but lies and betrayal.

“Relationships need trust, security and love to work. It seems impossible to make things work after such deception and the emotional storm it causes,” Shannon says, adding that no relationship is worth the loss. hard to deal with the constant worry of being cheated on again.

Today Shannon has found love again and says her boyfriend is wonderful, but she is nonetheless aware that men can cheat. Open and honest communication is paramount.

“I’ve worked on my triggers and been honest with him about it and let him know when I’m uncomfortable. I love him and trust him, but I’m not gullible , if something goes wrong, I trust myself to be able to leave immediately.”

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