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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldMiddle EastAl-Houthi besieges 3 villages in southern Yemen and kidnaps 72 people

Al-Houthi besieges 3 villages in southern Yemen and kidnaps 72 people

Aden – Agencies:

The Houthi militia has imposed a strict siege on the villages of Al-Hasha in Al-Dhalea Governorate, southern Yemen, for five days, in conjunction with a campaign of kidnappings and widespread arrests of villagers, including children.

According to human rights sources, the militia is imposing a strict siege on the residents of the villages of Al-Mahara, Habil Al-Makidim and Al-Kharaba, north of Al-Dhalea, noting that 72 citizens, including 15 children, have been kidnapped.

In the context, the Mayon Human Rights Organization expressed its condemnation in the strongest terms, and its denunciation of these violations committed by the campaign, consisting of dozens of military vehicles and hundreds of Houthi militants, against the three villages in Al-Hasha district.

The organization confirmed that the campaign launched by the fourth military region of the Houthi militia also “prevented the entry of food to the population in the besieged villages, and kidnapped anyone who tried to leave the area, in light of the threats launched by the campaign leader with anticipated raids on homes by the armed (Zainabiyat) units.” Mayon explained that these violations of civilians were caused by their expression of their refusal to control the Houthi militia over a water barrier in their area and dug an artesian well to supply the new military sites and the building of the Security Department with water, noting that the region “suffers from water scarcity, as its people depend on surface water wells.” They fear that it will dry out because of these ill-conceived measures.”

The organization declared its solidarity with the victims of oppression and abuse as a result of this military campaign, calling at the same time the Office of the Special Envoy of the United Nations, human rights organizations and activists to condemn these repressive practices against the residents of the besieged villages, and work to lift the siege, allow the entry of food to the besieged, and release all kidnapped immediately.

On the other hand, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned that millions of Yemeni children are at risk of starvation unless urgent measures are taken to ensure adequate funding to provide life-saving aid.

The organization’s office in Yemen said in a tweet on Twitter: “Nearly six million children in Yemen are just one step away from starvation. They are in dire need of urgent support.” And he added: “It is time to intensify our commitments with European partners to provide life-saving relief and support.” ».

Early this year, the international organization announced its urgent need for $484 million to continue its life-saving humanitarian response in Yemen during 2023.

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