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Monday, September 25, 2023


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WorldAsiaRBI 1000 Rupee New Update: RBI governor gave a new statement! Will new 1000 rupee notes be issued...

RBI 1000 Rupee New Update: RBI governor gave a new statement! Will new 1000 rupee notes be issued after the withdrawal of 2000 notes?|

1000 BankNotes Update: Recently the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced the closure of 2000 rupee note under the clean note policy.

After which all banks have been given 4 months (till September 30) to replace and deposit Rs 2000 note exchange. Under this, you can convert 10 notes of 2000 i.e. notes of value up to 20000 to another note at one go. But ever since this decision of the Reserve Bank has come to the fore, speculations are being made that after discontinuing the 2000 note, will RBI once again issue a new note of 1000 rupees?

Will the government issue new 1000 rupee notes or not?

Now that the work of withdrawing Rs 2000 notes from banks has started gradually in the country, the discussion has intensified whether the government will issue new Rs 1000 notes or not. , Many kinds of things are happening on social media regarding this. Some people say that the central government will bring a new note of 1000 rupees by closing the 2000 rupee note. Regarding these news, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das gave a big information.

Know what the RBI governor replied

In response to this question, the RBI governor said, at present there is no proposal to bring a new note of 1000 rupees. This is just a rumour. He said that notes of other denominations are available in sufficient quantity in the market. At the same time, Rs 2000 note will also remain legal tender for the time being. You have a chance to exchange the notes till September 30. In such a situation, do not crowd the bank. You have 4 months time. People should not be in a hurry to exchange notes, do it comfortably. This time limit has been given so that this decision can be taken seriously.

Now the biggest bank note of the country will be Rs 500 note.

RBI has put an end to the rumor of issuing a new note of 1000 rupees. Along with this, it has also become clear that after the closure of 2000 notes, now only 500 rupee note will be the biggest bank note in the country.

Let us tell you that in November 2016, 500 and 1000 rupee notes were closed. After which new notes of Rs 200, Rs 500 and Rs 2000 were issued.

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