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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


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NewsWhat is the flag on the Jordanian Crown Prince's wedding car?

What is the flag on the Jordanian Crown Prince’s wedding car?

The flag on the wedding car is the flag of Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II.

The Jordanian royal decree, specifying the shape, standards and specifications of the flag of Crown Prince Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II, was issued days before the wedding date.

This flag depicts, according to the Official Gazette, Prince Hussein, the Crown Prince, and comes in the form of bundles of rays in black, white, green and red, with seven-pointed stars attached around a crown of money.

scientific semantics

The Official Gazette noted that the colors of the flag have national connotations, just like the Jordanian flag, as each color represents an Islamic caliphate as follows:

The black band represents the Abbasids, the white the Umayyads and the green the Fatimids. The color green carries additional symbolism as it is traditionally associated with Islam and Muslims in general. There is also the red band which represents the Hashemite dynasty and the great Arab revolt. The seven-pointed star represents the seven verses of Surah Al-Fatihah and expresses the unity of the Arab peoples. As for the silver crown, it symbolizes the monarchy and represents His Highness the Crown Prince. It is located in the middle of the star to express all the components and spectra of the Jordanian people through its mediation.

Instructions for its use

The Royal Decree was also issued, ordering the use of the Crown Prince’s flag, in accordance with Articles 4 and 5 of the Jordanian Flags Law No. 7 of 2004.

The instructions published in the Official Journal state that:

The Crown Prince’s flag is flown in front of or above his private residence at all times, day and night, just as it is flown in front of or above the office of the Crown Prince in the Royal Hashemite Court. The Crown Prince’s flag is lowered from the Royal Hashemite Court upon exiting the venue and the Jordanian flag is hoisted. It is forbidden for the tip of the flag to touch the ground, the water or the foot. The Crown Prince’s flag may not be used for decorative purposes. It is not permitted to fly more than one Crown Prince’s Flag at the same place. The Crown Prince’s flag cannot be flown over hotels when traveling abroad. There is no special ceremony to raise the crown prince’s flag. The crown prince’s flag may not be affixed to the military uniform of officers, non-commissioned officers and members of his security group. The crown prince’s flag is not flown with the flags of foreign countries. Under no circumstances may the flag of the Crown Prince be lowered.

Article 6 of the instructions states that when raising the flag of the Crown Prince, the following must be taken into account:

Be on the left side of the Crown Prince’s office or in the reception hall, so that the Jordanian flag is to his right when seated in his office or in the reception hall. That it does not violate the form, standards, specifications and colors specified to it. It must be at least 15 cm from the ground.

Whereas article 7 of the instructions states that “the instructions for the use of the flag of the crown prince for the year 2015 are repealed, it being understood that the decisions taken under them continue to be carried out until they are repealed, modified or replaced by others in accordance with the provisions of these instructions.”

Article 8 specifies that “the head of the royal ceremonies takes the decisions necessary for their execution”.

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