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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


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NewsThe most important moments of the wedding ceremony and the marriage of Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa

The most important moments of the wedding ceremony and the marriage of Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa

Various media from around the world conveyed, through their screens, websites and social media pages, the Royal Wedding Ceremony, which greatly contributed to the transmission of Jordanian culture and traditions in weddings, to which the Royal Family of Jordan adhered to every detail. .

During the royal ceremony, distinctive clips emerged that pioneers of social networking sites in Jordan interacted with, including:

Wedding contract

King Abdullah II and Queen Rania arrived at Zahran Palace in central Amman, which holds a social position in the Hashemite family, with instrumentals released by the Armed Forces Band and its music.

Princess Ragwa Khalid Al-Saif arrived, accompanied by HRH Prince Hashem bin Abdullah, HRH Princess Salma bint Abdullah and HRH Princess Iman bint Abdullah II, as she was transported by a “Rolls-Royce 1967” made for King Abdullah. grandmother, Queen Zein al-Sharaf.

The red procession and the simplicity of the newlyweds

After concluding the marriage contract, Prince Hussein and his wife, Princess Ragwa Al-Hussein, left in a majestic scene surrounded by a red procession in a classic Range Rover car belonging to his grandfather, King Hussein at Husseiniya Palace. The white car was decorated with the crown prince’s flag and white roses.

The newlyweds’ procession was also accompanied at the start by a group of horsemen, honor guards, silent infantry, armed forces musicians and honor guards.

The newlyweds stood in the middle of the car and waved at the thousands of Jordanians standing on the sides of the road.

Husseiniya Feast

The celebration at Husseiniya Palace was no less beautiful and magical than the wedding ceremony, as it included distinguished performances and a beautiful and charming arrangement of the outer courtyards of the palace, in addition to distinguished performances and songs performed by Jordanian stars and Arabs and artists, including Omar Al-Abdullat and Muhammad Abdo, who performed a joint work in which the prince was married. Al-Hussein and his wife performed Jordanian-Saudi tunes that reflected the culture of both countries.

Presentation and cutting of the wedding cake

The presentation-related segment that includes the cutting of the wedding cake is usually one of the most memorable moments in weddings. Where the wedding of the Jordanian crown prince included a presentation of the cutting of the cake, which consists of seven tiers and decorated with purple roses, amid songs, patriotic chants and ululations from attendees.

A second look

Reaching the last paragraphs of the wedding, the Jordanian monarch and Queen Rania Al Abdullah appeared in a different look from that of his predecessor, who was at the start of the ceremony, Queen Rania wearing a black dress characterized by simplicity, while that in her second appearance, she wore an embroidered dress that was distinguished by a formal character.

The newlyweds also appeared with a second look, distinct from its predecessor, during the wedding ceremony and the Husseiniya ceremony, where Prince Hussein wore a suit similar to the suit his father wore at his wedding, and the bride wore a white dress embroidered with roses, long gloves and a strikingly beautiful diamond crown.


The wedding ceremonies and events concluded with the royal dinner hosted by King Abdullah II and Queen Rania Al Abdullah on the occasion of the royal wedding.

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