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Monday, October 2, 2023


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WorldAsiawhat the first aid kit of doctors on the front line of a special operation looks like from the...

what the first aid kit of doctors on the front line of a special operation looks like from the inside

Thousands of lives are saved by doctors in the special operation area. Often they have to help the injured in the field. That’s why it’s important for doctors to have the most necessary things nearby. The All-Russian Popular Front (ONF) sends first aid kits to the NWO area, which are constantly being improved. The kits are formed according to the wishes of the doctors themselves.

Badma Bashankaev is a hereditary doctor. He was born on the day of a health worker and at a young age decided on a profession. Eleven-year-old Bashankaev studied as a surgeon and spent 23 years working in a hospital. He knows firsthand that it is necessary to have a first aid kit close at hand. In March 2022, Bashankaev traveled to the NVO zone to help his colleagues save people.

“Respect for my fellow surgeons, who for nine years under bombardment have provided such assistance that some in life will never be able to provide. They are very sincere and honest people. Helping them is the duty of every citizen of our country, and besides, they are surgical brothers. Brotherhood is very important in our surgery,” he says.

First aid needs to be given more quickly than usual, you can’t hesitate. At the same time, doctors must remember their own safety. Each paramedic has a first aid kit.

First aid kits were collected by hand with special care. It’s not just pills. There are droppers, tourniquets, hemostatic sponges – everything you need for emergency care. There is also everything for a full-fledged operation. Medical instruments in a seemingly small backpack are numerous: scalpels, needle holders, compression canoes. The lack of just one component can cost someone their life.

An upgraded version of the tidy backpack is a portable operating room. Backpack designer, you can attach additional pockets to it, anything attached to carabiners. Attachments for tactical stretchers also appeared. Unlike the previous model, the backpack has become lighter and contains more than 80 positions. This was all done with the recommendation of current health workers located in the SVO area.

This is not the first time backpacks have been sent to the special operations area. They are collected according to the wishes and needs of doctors, and are constantly updated.

“We have already sent more than 700 medical backpacks and more than 120 medical backpacks so far. The feedback from the doctors is more than good as the backpacks are collected based on their demands. We are constantly dynamic, constantly evolving. We are modernizing both the backpacks themselves and the internal composition of the backpacks,” says ONF member Alexander Fedorov.

Frontline medics unpack first aid kits with genuine interest as soon as they arrive. The previous game was enjoyed.

“The first aid kit is very well put together, excellent. Everything is very simple. And this is all just first aid. An excellent first aid kit”, comments a nurse with the call sign “Mont”.

First aid kit backpacks have already saved more than one injured soldier. The kit should be practical, versatile and practical. The next batch of these backpacks will soon go to those on which the lives of our military depend.

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