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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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WorldAsiahow to help your child cope with stress before the exam

how to help your child cope with stress before the exam

In 2023, the Unified State Examination takes place from May 26 to June 20. Russian media learned from educators and psychologists how to help a child pass the exam and deal with stress before exams.

Honored Professor of Russia Gennady Sokolov

We must stop aggravating the nervous situation, the parents must calm down and do something else, leave the children alone. This will be the biggest help.

And tell the children that they will succeed, they are smart, good, kind, wonderful. It will always be like this, and there is no need to worry, even if someone does not pass the exam the first time, he will pass later, and everything will be fine, he will always follow the path that will follow have.

Child and adolescent psychologist, candidate of cultural studies Elena Loseva

Now the main thing is not to liquidate the child, that this is his last chance in life, because traditionally we have a wave of child suicides after the examination. In the family, the child must find comfort, a point of support, a balance which already depends on family values, attitudes, etc.

Often, if a child has completed his education up to the 11th grade, he himself understands the importance of the Unified State Examination, at school he was at least told about possible retakes, their number, how and when, in the event of a retake, he will be able to obtain a certificate and what opportunities he has.

At the same time, it is not so easy to completely fail the USE, the exam does not have a goal to complete, the goal of the exam is for the child to receive a certificate of secondary education general, so the majority of children solve the USE for the minimum level for obtaining a certificate.

“The task of the parents is to prepare a plan” B “is to study the possibilities of admission and to discuss with the child what he will do with the high scores and the low ones too, to choose a backup plan , for example, colleges, to discuss the possibility of resumption and not transfer,” Loseva told Russian media.

Considering the state of stress, one of the most important points is the mode of work, rest and nutrition. If there were no preventive measures here, sudden changes are also not welcome, on the contrary, it can create a stressful situation. But the correction of the sleep and rest regime can be very useful, because a sleeping person thinks worse, regardless of age, he is more nervous and irritable. And here it is better to support the child and not hope that he is already completely independent in this regard.

And don’t forget about relaxation: sometimes reading a book is just as relaxing, but computer games, tablets, etc. cause increased visual and emotional stress, so it is best to monitor the child and seek balance.

Candidate of historical sciences, teacher of Russian language and literature Lyudmila Kozhurina

At this age, 16-18, it is necessary for a person to know his strength, to have a sense of dignity, so that he does not panic, does not become hysterical, so that he knows how to control himself. In this exam, we need to learn systems thinking, an understanding of what the assignment writer expects of you.

The main thing is that in a child we develop inner self-confidence, strength, faith in ourselves. And it doesn’t have to be done with words you can, you will, you are the best. It is in the daily exploit of the teacher, in particular if he trusts the student, does he believe in it? The same goes for the family: if we trust the child, we know that he knows what he is doing, what he needs, what he doesn’t need. It is important that it is in the child.

You need to understand the child, help him as much as you can, but do not break, do not think that you know better what he needs. The child himself must understand which way helps, he must learn it.

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