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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaWith the greatest mobilization and "killer planes"... Russia's plan to repel the Ukrainian attack

With the greatest mobilization and “killer planes”… Russia’s plan to repel the Ukrainian attack

Moscow was attacked by 8 marches, and the Russian army announced on Thursday that it had responded to a Ukrainian “invasion” attempt led by armed groups in the border region of Belgorod, and bombarded several towns with mortars, artillery and drones. The “Kremlin” considered that the purpose of the attack was to psychologically affect civilians.

Moscow plan details

According to the Russian agency “Novosti”, Russia’s plans to stop the penetration of its borders and its capital, and to strengthen the strength of the army, include:

Formation of two joint armies and another air force this year. Azov Military Corps and Naval District. Formation of 5 military divisions, 26 brigades and 2 military districts in Moscow and Leningrad. More than 280 partial mobilization military units to strengthen the strength of the army in the general war. Introduction of “parodist” systems in the southern military region.

Many of these details came in an article published by the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Yevgeny Burdinsky, in the June issue of the Ministry of Defense magazine “Military Commissariats of Russia “.

Respond to psychological blows

In the words of military expert Peter Alexei, Russia “has received severe psychological blows that have morally affected the population”, reviewing some of them at “Sky News Arabia”:

The attacks on Moscow and Belgorod and the implementation of acts of sabotage revealed a flaw in Russian logistical support.

– It highlighted the weakness of the sky control of certain areas after being penetrated by marches, and the failure of the border forces.

– Russia’s underestimation of Ukraine led it to send armed groups to carry out attacks in areas adjacent to the borders.

– According to the assessment of the Russian expert, the war “changes course and enters the tunnel of guerrilla warfare and street warfare”.

The largest mobilization since the World War

The Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Army revealed that the partial mobilization that took place in Russia allowed the formation of more than 280 military units and the provision of forces with more than 300,000.

Regarding the scale of this mobilization, Burdinsky said: “There have been no mobilization measures of this scale in Russia since the Second World War 1941-1945, although a previous mobilization was carried out during the entered Afghanistan in 1979.”

Russian military expert Alexei Vakulink commented on Moscow’s moves, telling Sky News Arabia: “The current Russian mobilization of forces and reserves comes in the context of preparations for the Ukrainian counterattack, at a time when Kiev launches surprise attacks on the capital and border areas.”

plane killer

As part of the Russian plans, the army acquired parodist electronic warfare systems, which entered service in the Southern Military District, according to the Russian newspaper “Izvestia”.

This system is considered one of the most secret electronic warfare systems, and its technical specifications and capabilities have not been disclosed.

And about the advantages of these systems, military expert Alexei Leonkov says: “We are faced with new types of weapons in the enemy, and it is clear that we need to create more selective electronic warfare systems, and the new system is designed to lock onto on-board radars, flight communication systems and automatic control systems.” It’s like a deadly weapon that disrupts the work of aircraft and thwarts their missions.”

As part of the psychological warfare between the two sides, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev visited the “Prodboy” military training ground in Volgograd on Thursday, dressed in a military uniform. , in Russia, and said: “The Kiev regime must be exterminated, otherwise it will pose a constant threat.”

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