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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaHakan Fidan.. Erdogan's confidant takes over Foreign Ministry portfolio

Hakan Fidan.. Erdogan’s confidant takes over Foreign Ministry portfolio

Fidan’s name emerged after the coup attempt in 2016, when he was seen as having the most important role in saving Ankara from drowning in the whirlwind of the fifth military coup. described as a “keeper of the secret”, and the Turks called him the “fox of intelligence.”

Fidan led the rapprochement operations undertaken by Turkey with Arab countries in the recent period, and he was also responsible for the ongoing negotiation process with Syria to restore relations with Damascus, with the support of Russia and Iran.

New challenges

Turkish political analyst Nawzad Sawash says Fidan will find a number of pressing diplomatic files in front of him, even if he is the same person who handled some of them, but this time he will find himself a man of light, not of shadow, a role he has been accustomed to practicing over the past decade.

Sawash added to “Sky News Arabia” that Fidan will undertake the completion of the process of de-escalation of tension in the Turkish periphery, foremost among which will be the completion of the negotiation process with Syria, of which he was a part. , as well as strengthening relations with Egypt, which is now on the right track after announcing the increase in its representation.

And he continues: “There will be discussions on the files of Greece, Cyprus and Armenia, whose Prime Minister Pashinyan attended Erdogan’s inauguration ceremony, indicating the possibility of a breakthrough in this difficult file decades ago, and he was also instrumental in sending aid and relief groups during the recent earthquake.”

Who is Hakan Fidan?

• Described as “Erdogan’s secret keeper” who helped expand Turkey’s influence in the Middle East.

• Born in 1968 in the capital, Ankara.

• He studied at the Earth Military Academy and graduated in 1986.

• He holds a degree in political science and administration from the University of Milan, USA.

• Obtaining a master’s degree in international relations from Bilkent University.

• He obtained his Ph.D. in 2006 from Bilkent University, the subject of which was the use of information technology in audit.

• Appointed sergeant in the Turkish armed forces, he also worked as a computer technician in the army.

• He worked as an economic and political adviser at the Turkish Embassy in Australia and, in 2003, headed the Turkish Development and Coordination Agency.

• He worked as an adviser to Ahmet Davutoglu when the latter was Minister of Foreign Affairs.

• In 2007, he served as Deputy Prime Minister’s Advisor for International Security and Foreign Affairs.

• In 2009 he held the post of deputy head of Turkish intelligence, and after a year he became the head of the agency at the age of 42.

• Took office as Minister of Foreign Affairs on 3 June 2023.

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