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Friday, September 29, 2023


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NewsSister of North Korean leader: We will continue to launch spy satellites

Sister of North Korean leader: We will continue to launch spy satellites

The United States convened a Security Council meeting last week to discuss North Korea’s attempt to put the world’s first spy satellite into orbit, an attempt that ended in failure with the missile downing and payload in the sea.

Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and a senior ruling party official, said the Security Council meeting is another indication that the council is acting as a “political vassal” of the United States by accepting Washington’s request and ignoring the country’s right to develop space-related activities.

She added: “I am deeply outraged that the Security Council routinely criticizes our exercise of political rights in accordance with the wishes of the United States, and we strongly condemn and reject this as the most unjust and biased act of interference. in our internal affairs and undermining our sovereignty.”

He described the satellite launch as a “legitimate self-defense countermeasure” against growing threats from the United States and its allies, which Pyongyang accuses of stoking tensions with their annual spring military drills.

And the North Korean leader’s sister stressed that her country will never recognize UN sanctions “even if they are imposed hundreds and thousands of times”, and pledged to continue to exercise its sovereign rights, including the launch of spy satellites.

failed experiment

North Korea announced last Wednesday that a space missile carrying a military reconnaissance satellite “crashed at sea” due to a technical failure, according to the official news agency. “The new space rocket Cheulima-1 crashed in the West Sea,” Korea’s name for the Yellow Sea, the agency said citing the National Aviation Development Administration. The missile lost momentum due to a malfunction in the second layer motor, after the first layer separated during normal flight. The “failure” was attributed to the unreliability and stability of the new-type engine system applied to the Ciulima-1 space rocket and the unstable nature of the fuel used. The Aeronautical Administration stressed that it “will conduct a thorough investigation of the serious defects discovered during the launch of the satellite, take urgent scientific and technological measures to overcome them, and proceed as soon as possible with a second launch in carrying out various partial tests”. .”

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