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Thursday, September 21, 2023


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NewsUSM Alger wins the first continental title in its history

USM Alger wins the first continental title in its history

The “Sostara” team had come back with a precious 2-1 victory away from Dar es Salaam in the first leg, to snatch the title by direct confrontation, as they scored two goals at the “Yanga” stadium.

It is the tenth continental title for Algerian clubs in 16 historic finals, and the first in the second most important competition after the Champions League, since its current system was adopted in 2004.

It is the first title for the capital side in the second final in their history, after the first in the 2015 Champions League, when they finished as runners-up to Democratic Republic of Congo Mazembe.

For the sixth consecutive season, the title will remain in the coffers of the Arab teams, while the clubs of the countries of North Africa, in particular Morocco, dominated the title during the last five seasons, since the Moroccan Raja Athletic the crowned twice (2018 and 2021) and his compatriot Nahdet Berkane also twice (2020 and 2022) and the Egyptian Zamalek once (2019), while the last team outside the North region was the Congolese Democratic Republic of Mazembe (2016 and 2017).

And in front of a crowd full of red and black clothes in the stadium and thousands outside in the second leg of the final round, the encounter was weak by both parties, who were conservative in the extreme, as the team Algeria wanted to maintain the superiority acquired in the first leg, while the Tanzanian team was not dangerous enough, despite the many opportunities offered to its players.

And at the first opportunity, the Mauritanian referee Dahan Beida awarded a penalty to the Tanzanian team, following an error by Saadi Radwani on the Congolese democrat Twisila Kesenda.

In the first reaction of the Algerian team, Botswana’s Tumisang Oribonyi hit a long ball, which was caught by German goalkeeper Liang Africans Djigi Diarra (9).

The star of the Algerian team, Ayman Mahyous, almost equalized, but his header went wide of the goal (30th).

The match ended a few minutes after the supporters threw firecrackers on the pitch, and goalkeeper Diarra recovered another header from Oriboni (45th).

The most dangerous occasion for Sostara’s side was when Al-Radwani passed a crawling back ball from a free kick to Khaled Bosilio, who hit it with a powerful, crawling shot brilliantly saved by goalkeeper Diarra in two waves (45 + 3).

Algerian coach Abdelhak Benchikha tried to revitalize his midfield in the second half by bringing in Abdelrahman Meziane in place of Messala Merbah, and the substitution helped accelerate the Algerian style of play.

The guest team tried to snatch a second goal, as Congolese Democrat Viston Mayele struck a powerful ball, which was blocked by Bin Bout (47th).

Mahyous snatched the ball from the Tanzanian defense and passed the ball down the right side to Oriboni, who was fouled by Ibrahim Abdullah Hamad, so Al-Hikma awarded a penalty which Zinedine Belaid scored. expected and hit him with a strong, medium-high shot that goalkeeper Diarra managed to block to bounce off Mahyous, so he fired it to make the financial goalkeeper shine again (59th).

The level of both teams dropped, especially due to their reluctance and lack of risk, especially from the owners of the field, because Bensheikha’s team wanted to maintain their superiority in the total result, so the chances were without risk. last minutes, “Lesma” tried to snatch the equalizer, and Khaled Alilat’s header went over the goal (83rd).

Tunisian coach Liang of Africans Nasreddin Al-Nabi threw away all his cards, but his players couldn’t find their way to Algeria international Ben Bout’s net, thanks in part to a Mayili shot from the outskirts of the penalty area which is passed over the crossbar (90 + 2).

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