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Friday, September 22, 2023


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Government and PoliticsThe Presidential Race... Wonders and Curiosities - Dr. Abdullah bin Musa Al Tayer

The Presidential Race… Wonders and Curiosities – Dr. Abdullah bin Musa Al Tayer

Dr. Abdullah bin Musa Al Tayer

Democracy brings wonders to its people and they accept it. Welcoming its results is an authentic democratic behavior. Some of its residents complain about its outputs, because instead of being a means of good governance, it has turned into an end, and governance has been lost. And because people believe in various doctrines, their choices express deep movement, convictions that are generated, and ideas that dominate.

On the way to the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November 2024, we will live the madness of the American election campaigns, and before reaching that date, we will stop at the Latvia station, where its parliament elected Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevich as president, to be the first (officially) gay president in the world, After he announced his sexual orientation in 2014. In America; Gay Democrat Pete Buttigieg previously ran for the US presidency in 2020, before he withdrew from the race in March of that year, to serve in President Biden’s administration as Minister of Transport. And there is a difference between the President of the United States, who represents the executive wing of power, and the head of state (Latvia), who is chosen by Parliament as an honorary head of state.

The presidential race in America is raging at the level of the two parties, and the battles are fierce within each party, and if the Democrats seem to line up behind the current President Joe Biden (80 years), then the coming months may carry some surprises, especially in light of the concern of party leaders about the health of the president, and the weakest faith That the party nominate a vice president who would be able to assume responsibility if the party united behind the president did not prevent two Democrats so far from announcing their challenge to Biden, the first of which is Robert Kennedy, who bears the name of an ancient family in politics and the Democratic Party; He is the son of Robert F. Kennedy, the former Attorney General who was assassinated during the 1968 presidential election, and the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy. The second competitor, Mrs. Marianna Williamson (70 years old), is an author and spiritual leader, who became involved in politics and launched a failed campaign in the 2020 race.

The Republican Party seems to be the opposite of the Democratic, as the intensity of competition is intensifying day after day, and former President Donald Trump is still the most fortunate, and if I personally doubt his return to the White House, if my intuition is disappointed and he wins the presidency, then this means that the Trump phenomenon has gained the minds of and the conscience of the Americans, and it will infect the liberal democratic camp in general.

Trump is competing with his deputy, Michael Pence, with whom he disagreed on the morning of Congress’s ratification of the 2020 election results on January 6, 2021. And Pence is a staunch conservative who was able to return the episodes of Bible recitation to the White House during his work as Vice President, and he relies directly on the evangelical Christian community (the umbilical cord of Israel).

As for Republican Doug Bergum, 66, North Dakota’s governor, who plans to launch his campaign for the presidency this month, he is likely to seek to present himself as a traditional conservative focused on the economy and national security. Nikki Haley, 51, and Tim Scott, 57, have a “friendly” relationship, and their personal relationship will be subject to a difficult test, as they share the same voters in the Republican Party in South Carolina.

The American media hardly sees anything but two Republican candidates, former President Trump and Ron DeSantis, and many elites in the Republican Party are counting on Trump’s defeat, and therefore they pin hopes on DeSantis, whose wife, Casey, exported the scene, that TV presenter and cancer conqueror, to be his good face in front of his accusations. With cruelty and lack of charisma.

As for Republican Larry Elder, his fortunes are not great, in light of previous accusations that he pulled a gun on his fiancée while they were in a coffee session over marijuana. Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson has a long career in politics, where he was first elected to the US House of Representatives to serve the third district in Arkansas in 1997 AD and continued until 2001 AD, when he was appointed Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration and then Undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security in the administration of President Bush Jr. And enters the Republican race, Vivek Ramaswamy (37 years), who presents himself as an outsider in politics, a businessman who has turned into a political hope for his supporters, but he will not last long. Republican Chris Christie is competing with a loud voice, a former governor of New Jersey, and describes himself as the only Republican who has the desire and ability to overthrow former President Donald Trump, and we’ll see.

The US presidential elections 2024 may be the longest in its electoral campaigns, as it was customary for the names of the candidates to follow after November of the year preceding the voting date, but President Trump announced himself almost two years early, which opened the door to competition that will witness more enthusiasm, wonders and strange statements. .

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