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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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WorldAsiaa new trend with home libraries is gaining popularity in Russia

a new trend with home libraries is gaining popularity in Russia

Tatyana Ryazantseva has been engaged in library science since the age of 18. In her author’s library, she knows where and how each book is. Within the framework of the order, she has already created more than a dozen such book repositories – for customers who use the book not only as reading material.

“There is a certain requirement that it be exclusively a family library with the owner’s personal marks. And that’s what we do too. There are special titles, they are issued for libraries. Now there are wonderful opportunities, ”Tatyana Ryazantseva, the creator of individual libraries, told Zvezda.

Interest in the book, according to Tatyana, increases every year. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to please the customer. She tries to create thematic libraries that are not alike.

“Some rely on these kinds of books, which, among other things, are protected by a certain case,” she showed.

Fashion for so-called book stylists came to Russia from abroad. In the United States, for example, Hollywood stars who want to show their intelligence and create an unusual image in the public eye use the services of unusual designers with might and main. Here, for example, is how actress Emma Roberts finished her bedroom interior.

“Welcome to my bedroom library!” These shelves sat empty for a long time because I didn’t know how best to style them. And in general, what kind of books do I want to hold here. So I invited my friends to help me. It’s been really hard for me to focus on not just authors I love, but to be honest, beautiful covers and special editions that would be in such a creamy hue. Because it’s my bedroom and I want everything to look calm and relaxed,” the American actress said.

In Russia, however, the wave of popularity of unusual interiors coincided with changes in the print market. According to the Russian Book Union, the price of hardcover literature has increased by almost 20%. This is especially true of classics, which some readers can no longer afford.

“I was faced with the fact that the child wanted to read Harry Potter. It’s expensive to buy the whole series. I don’t remember the jump when it happened,” said Russian Larisa Kulakova.

Even at the start of the year. The Federal Statistical Service also speaks of a rise in prices. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, since April, a fiction book costs an average of 444 rubles, while in March the price was 310 rubles.

“When the printers started running ‘on wheels’, we had to rebuild the system. Previously it was like this: up to two months we were granted a delay in payment, now they demand at least 50% immediately, and sometimes even 100% payment, ”explained Leonid Palko, general manager of the house of book publishing, vice-president of the Russian Book Union.

There are several alternatives. The first is that of the fairs, which take place almost every week in the summer. Here, the prices of printed products are 40% lower than market prices. Electronic media, which have been in use for a long time, are another option. Moreover, on the contrary, according to the Ministry of Digital Development, their price should soon drop. So, together with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, they are working on the possibility of purchasing e-books using the Pushkin card. It will be possible to pay for works of classical and modern literature, which are of interest to young people.

A year ago, a special interdepartmental working group was created by the government of the Russian Federation to regulate prices in the paper book market. It included the Federal Antimonopoly Service, as well as the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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