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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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NewsIn the most dangerous bet since the iPhone.. Apple is in full Metaverse

In the most dangerous bet since the iPhone.. Apple is in full Metaverse

Pricing for (Vision Pro) starts at $3,499, more than three times the cost of the most expensive Meta mixed reality headset (Quest Pro), which currently dominates the augmented and virtual reality headset market.

Apple will launch the headset in the US in early 2024 and roll it out to other countries later that year.

Apple said users (Vision Pro) will be able to identify content inside the glasses with their eyes, while using a 3D camera and microphone system to capture video clips and images that can be displayed in 3D later.

The difference between my Mita and Apple headphones

In the clearest difference between this and the Meta headset (Quest Pro), (Vision Pro) also contains an external screen that shows the user’s eyes to people in the outside world. The external display goes dark when the user is completely immersed in a virtual world. When someone approaches a user in full default mode, the headset displays both the user and the outside person to each other. “It will never be isolated from the people around you. You can see them and they can see you,” Apple chief Alan Day said.

Apple shares rose 2% to a pre-launch record high of $184.95, but shares closed slightly lower after the announcement.

The headset uses a new chip called R1, which is designed to process information from its sensors in less than the blink of an eye.

For business uses, Apple showed how a headset with a trackpad and keyboard can be used to function like a traditional computer with multiple displays.

(Vision Pro) and Apps

Apple says it’s working with Adobe and Microsoft to put their apps on the new headset, as well as Unity, a tech company that works with game developers. Unini shares jumped more than 14% after the announcement. Walt Disney’s Disney Plus streaming service will be available on the speaker when it launches. Investors and tech enthusiasts are focused on how close Apple’s vision of the VR market is to Meta. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined his vision for using headphones to enter the world of Metaverse, where people can meet virtually to work, play and spend. In addition to Meta, Sony and Pico, owned by ByteDance, recently launched two virtual reality headsets. Research firm IDC said the companies sold a total of 8.8 million headphones last year.

Macbook Air

Apple also unveiled a host of new products and features, including a 15-inch MacBook Air laptop with a powerful m2 chip, iOS operating system enhancements, and autocorrect.

It announced an update to its line of Mac computers and laptops with proprietary CPU chips.

While Apple hasn’t made any major announcements about generative AI products similar to ChatGBT or Google’s cool search engine, it has used AI in several smaller features, such as live message transcription vocals.

The price of the “MacBook Air”, supported by the M2 processor chip and equipped with six speakers, starts at $1,299 and will be released next week. The 13-inch MacBook Air costs $1,099.

Personal computer

Apple has also updated its Mac Studio PC, saying its new Ultra M2 chip can handle AI programs that rival chips don’t have enough memory to handle. Apple also introduced a new version of the “Mac Pro”, its most capable PC, which it also bundled with the chip (Ultra M2), and its price starts at $6,999. The Ultra M2 chip is essentially two integrated chips from Apple’s larger M2 chipset, an approach Apple has taken to improve the performance of its M1 chips.

Since Monday, the Mac Pro is the last computer in the Apple line that still uses Intel chips.

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