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Friday, September 22, 2023


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Pink PageHarry talks history - Rumors about his paternity, his had enough girlfriend and the 'mother ship of trolls'

Harry talks history – Rumors about his paternity, his had enough girlfriend and the ‘mother ship of trolls’

If you, dear readers, thought that you would go an entire week without any news from the most famous dukes in the world, you would be sadly mistaken. This time our favorite prince, Prince Harry, is in London to give evidence, the first in the royal family to do so in over a century, in a case against the publisher of the street newspaper DailyMail, that the media is accused of committing. in cybercrime and espionage to gather information.

According to foreign media, the prince’s testimony did little to improve his relations with his family. A PageSix source said they couldn’t imagine anyone in the royal family being happy about the prince making a statement and the family being ready for anything, but Harry tends to discuss family matters directly – which is what the royal family does not. at all.

Another source, however, believed that Harry was actually fighting for himself as well as his family, but the case was protecting everyone’s interests as well as the reputation of the crown.

Say the charges are based on the sand

The DailyMail is also covering the case, although it is in the eye of the storm this time around, but the case was brought by Harry along with other famous people such as Elton John, George’s estate Michael, Cheryl Cole and Liz Hurley, who accuse the outlet of obtaining data and news for computer crimes, such as tricking hackers into people’s devices and tools . The case that is currently being heard is one of many that have been brought, but the media are also accused of hiring private investigators and leading them to spy on the lives of famous people, for example by installing devices wiretaps in homes and vehicles and record their calls.

Elton John thought it suspicious that the psychic obtained the birth certificate of her son and her husband, before they themselves got their hands on the piece. It would be clear that the outlet had illegally obtained sensitive personal information from people it didn’t need to have access to.

Harry himself claims the outlet specifically targeted him and to that end hacked into his voicemail, tapped his home phone, obtained itemized phone bills and theft information from his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy , but the alleged media breach traces the prince back to the year 1993.

The DailyMail today covered the prince’s testimony, but the media lawyer accused the prince of basing his claims on sand. The lawyer asked the prince about an incident where it was reported he had injured himself while at university, but Harry was unable to answer on the phone which had been hacked at the time.

“Are we not, Prince Harry, in the realm of total speculation?” the lawyer asked, going on to explain how the news the prince claims was based on illegally obtained data actually came from other media, including the BBC as well as official statements from the Royal Family. Even one of the reports was based on public comments from his mother, Princess Diana.

Hurtful, disgusting and cruel news

Harry had previously started his testimony with a scathing criticism of the UK government and media, which he said had hit rock bottom. The legal proceedings could be called his attempt to save journalism. The British media caused untold suffering, uproar and even death, but here Harry referenced his dead mother while fleeing from paparazzi photographers. The media would therefore have blood on their hands.

The prince said in testimony that the Mirror, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and The People tabloids invaded his childhood, teens and adulthood. He and his mother were hacked, as were his family, friends and royal aides. Although Harry no longer carries out his royal duties, he still had a responsibility, as a member of the royal family as well as a British soldier, to expose criminal activities in the public interest.

Harry also addressed the persistent rumors about his paternity, the possibility that Private James Hewitt is the prince’s blood father has been widely discussed in the media.

“When this article, and others like it, first came out, I had no idea that my mother hadn’t met Hewitt until after I was born. I didn’t find out about it until around 2014, when I was in my 30s. At the time I was 18 and had lost my mother only six years earlier, stories like this were hurtful and very real to me. They were hurtful, disgusting and cruel . I always wondered about the motivation behind this news.”

The prince wondered if the media intended to make the public doubt that he was the royal bear so that he would be ostracized.

No other explanation

Harry also brought up news from 2005 where he allegedly wore Nazi attire to a fancy dress party, but the news caused a stir. Harry said he was sure it was a stupid outfit choice and he was very sorry for it. The period that followed was difficult, but he was young and young people make mistakes when they learn about life. However, he had to walk through it in a very public way, as his mistakes were trumpeted around every corner. Harry thinks the only explanation for this report is that his phone was tapped. His girlfriend at the time, Davy, called him because she heard he was flirting with another woman at the gathering. Reporters knew this, but it can’t be true if the phone wasn’t tapped.

His mother had similar concerns.

“I’ve always heard people say my mum was paranoid, but that wasn’t the case. She was scared of what was really happening to her, and now I know the same was true for me.”

The news broadcast made him suspicious of those close to him. It was not necessary, because he now knows that no one close to him lied to the media, but the media listened to this themselves and then invented the alleged sources to which the information referred.

The prince mentions many cases, many reports, where his feelings in certain situations have been evoked and it is clear that the information comes directly from his personal conversations on the telephone. It is also doubtful to see the solidarity of the British media after one of them was convicted of wiretapping more than a decade ago, especially since these media are the “mother ship of the Internet trolls”.

“Trolls react and weaponize the news they create. People have died from these causes and people will continue to kill themselves when they see no other way out of the situation.”

Harry was due to give evidence yesterday but had not arrived in the UK by then. The judge handling the case said the failure was inexcusable and raised the question of whether the prince was wasting the court’s precious time.

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