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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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NewsAfter the terrible accident in Egypt.. What is the story of the "notorious" shark?

After the terrible accident in Egypt.. What is the story of the “notorious” shark?

A shark attack on a person is not normal, especially when the fish repeats its attack to the point of killing, as happened with Russian youth.

And the head of the nature protection sector at the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, Mohamed Salem, said in statements to “Sky News Arabia”: “It is possible for sharks to attack humans, but in normal cases , as soon as the shark bites a person and discovers that it does not come from its known natural sources of nutrition, it leaves it, and if it continues to attack it, it means that it has a defect.

What are the details of the terrible accident?

A Russian died on Thursday after being attacked by a shark in the city of Hurghada, located on the Red Sea coast in eastern Egypt. The official Facebook page of the Russian Consulate General in Hurghada warned Russians against water and asked them to be careful and strictly observe the swimming and diving rules imposed by the Egyptian authorities. “The incident is very difficult”, explains the Russian consul in Hurghada, Victor Vorobiev, and that the Russian who was attacked by the shark “came to Egypt at the beginning of this month of June, and he is 24 years old”. <p>What happened to the shark after its attack?</p> The “tiger” shark is one of the known and usual species of the Red Sea and is not alien to it, but its aggressive behavior towards humans is strange. Initial investigation showed that this fish was most likely the source of two previous attacks off the coasts of Hurghada and Marsa Alam, last year and the year before. The fish was captured in order to dissect it and explain the reason that led to the imbalance that caused it to regard humans as its sources of nutrition, unlike nature. <p class=””>Information about the “tiger” shark</p> The tiger shark is a nomadic fish found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. Tiger sharks can live 20 to 50 years. Tiger sharks eat almost anything they can get their hands on, they feed on crustaceans, fish, birds, turtles, dolphins and even baby sharks. The reason they are called “tiger” sharks is that they are ferocious predators in the sea. Tiger sharks are bluish gray to dark gray above. Tiger sharks have a white belly that helps them blend in with the surrounding waters above and below. Their average length is around 14 feet, but they can exceed 20 feet. Tiger sharks are near threatened and have slow reproductive rates. Their strong jaws and sharp teeth allow them to consume a variety of prey including stingrays, seals, turtles, clams, etc.

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