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Saturday, September 30, 2023


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WorldAsiaRussia... what will be the final of the Star-2023 contest

Russia… what will be the final of the Star-2023 contest

Combine impeccable vocal skills and creativity, mix it with brilliant charisma and add confidence. Participants of the Star-2023 competition are preparing for their main performance.

The final is a long-awaited and responsible moment. This is a large-scale musical spectacle, in which only the strongest representatives of the regions of Russia with new songs specially written for the contest.

18-year-old Maya Bludshaya performed with an author’s song, because according to the conditions of the final, all participants perform new unreleased compositions, exclusively written for the project.

“This song is my reflection, a reflection of my inner world. I really appreciate the human beauty that is stored in us and I would really like the viewer to also understand what my song is about”, Maya Bludshaya, finalist of the All-Russian Song Contest “Star 2023”.

In addition to the public, a professional jury expects an impeccable performance. For them, who decide the fate of this project, voice data, of course, is the most important criterion. But when it comes to the Zvezda contest, the artist’s plasticity, image and many other details matter.

Participants are ready to surprise. Giovanna from the Kherson region unwittingly created a plot from the very beginning and revealed it only at the very end. Throughout the season, the singer has not shown her face. The jury only heard the voice. Here is the last surprise.

The decision to fully open Giovanna to the public was not easy. She had to speak incognito for security reasons, but, as she says herself, it is not customary in her family to retreat, but rather to fight to the end. This dictated the choice of song.

Of the soul, of the human soul. The fact that everyone is equal, each of us has difficult times in life, but sooner or later the moment comes when you see the light and step into that light,” said Giovanna, the finalist of the Star 2023 contest. .

The performer made the members of the jury admire not only courage and courage, finally revealing his face, but also, of course, his talent.

This stage brought together the most talented artists from all over the country – from south to endless north. Each performance is a separate story, thought out down to the smallest detail, with an outcome and a denouement. Anna Che from the Samara region took the stage in the form of a fabulous bride.

Their performance is watched by millions of viewers. And the opinion of such an authoritative jury of artists is a powerful incentive for future growth. Someone performs at 100 points, and someone can’t hold back their tears because of a low score.

“We are waiting for a simple thing, the simplest thing there is: a discovery. It happens so rarely. But that’s what we expect. We want to open a star. Nobody knows what it is. That’s when everyone said “wow” at the same time. It is what it is,” said Maksim Dunayevsky, chairman of the Zvezda 2023 jury.

“Zvezda” is not only a vocal competition, but also the most difficult project in terms of technical execution. In direct mode, several directors and assistants work simultaneously in the control room. Dozens of cameras and cameramen capture every detail. Special effects, musicians, backup singers – with each new season the competition becomes more and more spectacular.

“This year, we worked more seriously on the choreography. Even theatrical resources from well-known Moscow theaters joined us to make the performances even deeper with interesting plots. Not just dances and not just a pop approach, but an approach to each number as a separate work, not only musical, but also dramatic,” concluded Daria Pimanova, producer of the Star 2023 competition.

So the drama of the finale is definitely not to be avoided. The award is monetary reward, rotation on Road Radio and recognition from millions of listeners. The name of the winner of the all-Russian vocal contest “Star 2023” will be announced on June 11.

Watch the latest episodes of the Zvezda Music Contest 2023 on our TV channel on June 10 and 11 at 7:45 p.m., as well as on our website and in the SMART.TV application.

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