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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsia15 flyovers and railway over bridges will be built with 896 crores, two flyovers will be built in Bhopal...

15 flyovers and railway over bridges will be built with 896 crores, two flyovers will be built in Bhopal and four in Indore

Bhopal. Public Works Minister Gopal Bhargava has said that 15 flyovers and railway over bridges (15 fly over and railway over bridge) will be built. Its process has already been started.

Giving this information on Saturday, Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation Limited, Avinash Lavania said that under this scheme, 4 flyovers will be constructed in Indore city, two flyovers in Bhopal city, two flyovers in Sagar. And one flyover each will be built in Dhar, Chhatarpur, Vidisha, Gwalior and Khandwa. Along with this, one railway overbridge each is to be constructed in Bhopal and Seoni.

He told that in Indore, from Dewas Naka Circle to Indore City at a cost of Rs 58 lakh 80 thousand, 6 lane over bridge on Satya Sai at a cost of Rs 69 crore 69 lakh, 6 lane over bridge at Crystal IT Park crossing at a cost of Rs 72 crore 12 lakh, A 6-lane over bridge will be constructed at Murvakhedi intersection in Indore city at a cost of Rs 68 crore 44 lakh. Similarly, in Bhopal, a flyover will be made from Karond Square to Ayodhya Bypass with a cost of Rs.

A flyover will be made at Makronia crossing in Sagar city with a cost of Rs 36 crore and a flyover will be made from Sagar-Damoh road from Sonar river to Gaderi river in Gadhakota with a cost of Rs 38 crore. Along with this, a four-lane flyover at Indorama intersection, Ghata Billod Marg (near Shriram Mandir) in Dhar city at a cost of Rs 45 crore 22 lakh, a two-lane flyover from Bunty Nagar to Arihant Vihar Nagar in Vidisha city at a cost of Rs 59 crore 57 lakh, Chhatarpur. 65 crore 17 lakh from Akashwani Tirah to Mahova Road in the city, Rs 51 crore 45 lakh from Ganesh Gau-Shala to Juni Indore Lane in Khandwa city, Rs 61 crore 25 lakh from Kampu Bus Stand to Maharaj Bada in Gwalior city Will be made from Their approval has been given from CRIF head.

Two railway over bridges are also to be constructed soon, in which permission has also been given to construct Chhola Road Kazi Parade to Ayodhya bypass in Bhopal at a cost of Rs 36 crore 44 lakh and railway over bridge on NH-7 in Seoni city with a cost of Rs 126 crore. given.

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