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Sunday, September 24, 2023


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NewsIf you want to lose weight, immediately stop having a "prepared" breakfast.

If you want to lose weight, immediately stop having a “prepared” breakfast.

Nutritionist Dana Honess explained that there is a food that many like to eat for breakfast, namely breakfast cereals high in sugar, stressing that it is “a bad choice for your general health and for your turn size”, according to what was mentioned by the site “She Finds”, specializing in women.

Cereals for breakfast

Unfortunately, while putting cereal and milk in a bowl may be an easy way to prepare breakfast, experts warn that it’s one of the worst choices for your overall health and has negative effects. on your metabolism over time. Honness points to some popular types of breakfast cereals, saying, “They’re made with little (if any) whole grains and high in added sugars. Sugar is harmful to health and its consumption has serious consequences, such as weight gain and slowed metabolism. Nutritionist Farsha Khatri agreed with this view, warning that “cereals are among the most sugar-rich foods”. “Even cereals that are supposed to be low in sugar are actually high in added sweeteners,” says Khatri. My take: “When you start your day with something high in sugar, you’re more likely to crave sugar or other sugary foods throughout the day, which means you’re more likely to snack just to keep your blood sugar levels up.” Fortunately, there are things you can do to control your blood sugar, including reducing your intake of refined sugar, such as that found in cereals. It’s also important to note that since these processed foods offer almost no nutritional value, they not only won’t fill you up (another reason why you might overeat later), but they also require your metabolism to slow down. .

What do we eat instead of these pills?

If you’re looking for a comforting breakfast that won’t compromise your weight loss goals, there are plenty of healthy and delicious options to choose from. In general, it is important to choose whole grains and foods that contain fiber. A great approach is to make your own granola using natural sweeteners, toast and fruit, or a bowl of oatmeal.

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