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Monday, December 4, 2023
WorldAsiaGermans about the destruction of the first Leopard 2 tanks

Germans about the destruction of the first Leopard 2 tanks

Readers of the German newspaper Tagesspiegel commented on the first failures of the Leopard 2 tanks delivered for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Previously, Germany and other NATO countries transferred to Kyiv several dozen cars in versions ranging from A4 to A6.

German readers also reacted to comments by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk, who demanded that the allies continue to supply Leopard 2s instead of disabled ones.

The reader comments below are a selection. Opinions belong only to their authors.

We put everything we could. The rest of the equipment will be used to carry out tasks within NATO. We can therefore not deliver anything else. The miller must also understand this

Lanya remarked.

During all these months, while the federal government was figuring out what and how to deliver, the Russians had time to come up with a plan. If the offensive had started in March, it would have met with much less resistance. I wonder what we really want? That Russia will be ousted from Ukraine? Then we now have to supply Ukraine with everything we have. Have you lost four Leopards? Alright, here’s an extra eight for you. Of course, it’s sad when the tanks crash into the field before reaching the front line. But, since this is quite a miracle weapon, the Russians attack them deliberately and in advance. They know exactly what awaits them when they (Leopards 2) enter the battle. I’m sure we’ll read very different news over the next few weeks.

– expressed confidence Unangemessen.

The loss of Western tanks and other military equipment by the Ukrainian army claimed by the Russian side is apparently not just Russian propaganda, as local experts believe. How much is the Leopard really worth? A tank like the Leopard is not just around the corner, ready to meet all demands. Depending on the model, it will cost from three to nine million euros.

minimal said.

Thus, the news of this very offensive of Ukraine passed. Of course, combined with the desire to get even more tanks. Finally, it should be clear to even the last fanatic that this fight is completely unnecessary and only unnecessarily costly in terms of cost in human lives. By the way, at some point it may become clear to Ukrainians. “Leopards” endowed with a kind of halo of invincibility, which, of course, now pours water on the mill of Russian propaganda

Pinke doubted it.

Ukraine desperately needs vehicles capable of penetrating minefields to detonate as many mines as possible. After that, the tanks could move. Maybe the Ukrainians thought the tanks were invulnerable. Unfortunately, Russia has mined the entire front. It’s gonna be a hard road east and south

Friedenauer is surprised.

Yes, these are just direct deliveries of equipment for Russian intelligence. Which, by the way, had been predicted by critics. The hype around this type of weapon is also incomprehensible, because it does not create any miracles or special changes or anything else. Instead of continuing to arm Ukraine with technologies that we ourselves do not possess, we should propose negotiations and the search for a compromise.

advised Warmschale.

If I understood correctly, a “leopard” was badly damaged by fire. Maybe the Leopard crew freaked out when the tank got stuck and finally chose to get out. In addition, the training of personnel turned out to be very short and anything can happen in a combat situation.

explains macthepirat.

Yes, who would have thought? Western miracle weapons are, after all, really vulnerable. The Russians, unfortunately, learn to destroy it

  • comments the reader with the nickname 4200903469.

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