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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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WorldAsiaA peat fire near Chelyabinsk, volunteer extortion in Rostov and a record round in Ufa. Regional News

A peat fire near Chelyabinsk, volunteer extortion in Rostov and a record round in Ufa. Regional News

A peat fire is being extinguished in the Chelyabinsk region, Omsk volunteers accused Don traffic police of extortion on the night after the Wagner PMC rebellion, and in Ufa, they set a world record for the most massive round dance in national costumes. Russian media collected high-level news from Russian regions.

Stavropol region

A gang of 18 drug dealers was covered in the Stavropol Territory, the newspaper reports. newstracker.ru. The attackers began selling banned substances via the internet in early 2022. The leader of the gang has yet to be identified.

Republic of Udmurtia

World War II veterans Maria Frolova, 101, from Udmurtia, and Elisey Timiryasov, 99, from Tatarstan, reunited 78 years after the war. According udm-info.ruthey broke up on June 21, 1941 during the graduation party at the teachers’ college and have not seen each other since.

Rostov region

Residents of Omsk, transporting humanitarian aid to the zone of military operations, complained about the extortion of traffic police in the Rostov region. According to the drivers, they were not allowed to enter Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, writes rostovgazeta.ru. Law enforcement demanded two thousand rubles for travel or offered to detour 1.5 thousand kilometers, say residents of Omsk.

Republic of Tatarstan

In Kazan, the prosecutor’s office will check the kindergarten, where plaster fell on the bed. As written inkazan.ru, The incident was reported by the parent of one of the students. He also said that on June 27, he saw another child come down the stairs and fall because of a loose handrail.

Volgograd region

In Volzhsky, on June 27, investigators completed the investigation of a criminal case against employees of Aquapark 21st Century, where a 13-year-old child drowned in June 2022. The owner of the organization risks up to to six years in prison, they write newsvolgograda.ru. Besides the owner, the executive director and three water park instructors are also suspects in the case.

Nizhny Novgorod region

A teenager from Nizhny Novgorod transferred 450,000 rubles to scammers. As written newsnn.ru, the scammers promised the boy additional “chips” to his account in a computer game, but after he transferred the money to them, nothing changed. The parents have already filed a complaint with the police.

Sverdlovsk region

Nizhny Tagil police revealed three facts of violent actions against children with disabilities by an educator. The incident happened in a kindergarten tagilcity.ru. The parents accused the teacher of beating the students. The teacher hit one of them on the head, the other was beaten with a plinth.

Orenburg region

A woman from Orenburg broke her leg, fell into a deep hole in the road and sued the mayor’s office for 100,000 rubles in compensation, writes 56orb.ru. The representative of the mayor’s office was against the satisfaction of the claim, but did not argue that the road on Karaganda was long in need of repairs. He also added that measures for the current repair of the canvas have already been taken. In the end, the victim prevailed.


In Ufa, they set a new record for a round dance in national costumes. According to the information mkset.ru, this happened on the second day of the international art festival “Heart of Eurasia”. The round dance was conducted simultaneously by 2834 people.


Lieutenant Colonel of Novosibirsk was sentenced for millions of embezzlement in aviation. Editing atas.info reports that the defendant committed the theft of aviation property entrusted to him and other officials in the aviation service for a total of 7.3 million rubles.

Chelyabinsk region

Extinguished peat fire in the Chelyabinsk region, written kursdela.biz. The fires are localized in remote places where it is impossible to deliver the material necessary to put out the fire. Firefighters laid long hoses on the fires, the distance of which exceeds four kilometers.


In Surgut, the wife of a serviceman who died in the NVO zone was denied a free burial, writes muksun.fm. As the woman said, the morgue provided everything she needed for free, but at the cemetery, the ritualists asked her for money to prepare the place for burial. The mayor’s office said that to date, the widow has been compensated for all expenses.

Primorsky Krai

In Vladivostok, a light metro will be launched. Editing zr.media writes that 11 new public transport stations should appear in the regional center. The development of the city’s electric train network will become an important point in the city’s development strategy.

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