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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldAsiaBhopal: Collector suspended 22 BLOs for negligence in election work

Bhopal: Collector suspended 22 BLOs for negligence in election work

Bhopal. Collector and District Election Officer Ashish Singh has suspended 22 employees (BLO) from Madhya Pradesh for negligence in the work of voter list and non-compliance of orders. Has been suspended with immediate effect under civil service.

Public Relations Officer Arun Rathore said on Tuesday that the duty of these 22 employees was imposed by the Collector and District Election Officer on April 12, 2023, to edit the voter list work as booth level officers. Not being present on duty by the above employees for discharge of their official duties is in defiance of the order. These employees have been suspended as the act done by the said employees comes under the category of misconduct under Rule-3 of the Madhya Pradesh Civil Services (Conduct) Rules-1965.

According to the order issued by Collector Ashish Singh on Tuesday, Anil Meral – Assistant Grade-3, Ranjan Kumar Saxena – Tracer, Vipin Thakur – Assistant Grade-3, Project Directorate, Lonivi. PIU Nirman Bhawan Arera Hills Bhopal, Vijay Tripathi- Assistant Grade-3 MP State Agricultural Marketing Board Arera Hills Bhopal, Prakash Patel- U.Shre. Ltd., Prakash Savare-U.Shre. Ltd., Shatrudhan Prasad Tiwari-U.Shre. Ltd. Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board Habitat Complex Bhopal, Shankar Vega- Saha, Grade-2 Tribal Welfare Department Satpura Bhawan, Manoj Raj- Saha. Grade-3 Economic and Statistical Comp. Vindhyachal Bhavan, Hardev Singh- Assistant Grade-1 Barkatullah University Bhopal, Vijay Midhore Assistant Grade-3, Manoj Kumar Rathore- Assistant Grade-3, Santosh Kumar Kushwaha- Assistant Grade-3, Office Director Horticulture and Food Processing Department Vindhyachal Bhavan, Bhopal Ansi Varghese – Assistant Grade-2, Rajkumar Verma – Assistant Grade-2, Yogesh Sarvaiya – Assistant Grade-3, Commissioner Handloom Directorate Bhopal, Ramesh Sharma – Assistant Grade-3, Saurabh Dubey – Assistant Grade-3, Shyam Singh Bhadauria – Assistant Grade-3, Rajendra Singh – Assistant Grade-2, Government Homoeopathic Medical College near Kalia Sot Dam, Bhopal has been suspended and his headquarters has been fixed as Electoral Registration Officer 152- South West.

Similarly, suspending Jagdish Yadav- Assistant Grade-3, Government Naveen College Khatlapura and Vijay Kumar Patil Assistant Grade-3, District Employment Office Idgah Hills Bhopal, their headquarters have been fixed as Electoral Registration Officer 150- Bhopal North. During the period of suspension, the concerned will be eligible for subsistence allowance as per rules.

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