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Saturday, September 23, 2023


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WorldAsiaRussia: Politicians appreciated the Party's statement of the cause

Russia: Politicians appreciated the Party’s statement of the cause

After Yevgeny Prigozhin’s armed rhetoric, the most important question is how to modernize the country and prevent similar provocations in the future?

The words “rebellion” and “consolidation” have undoubtedly become the main and most used words in the political and public life of the country in recent days. After Yevgeny Prigojine’s armed speech against the foundations of the state, calls were made from all sides to rally around President Vladimir Putin and Russian troops. These actions caused an effect contrary to the plans of the rebels, but raised many questions in society. The most important: how can we modernize the country and prevent such provocations in the future?

One of the “recipes” was proposed by the Cause Party, which believes that now is the time to negotiate among themselves all the patriotic forces of the country.

“The events of June 23 and 24 demonstrated the importance of the unity of our multinational people in the face of external and internal threats. The actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, all Russian public authorities, law enforcement agencies, religious denominations, political parties and public associations have prevented a civil war.

We express our sincere condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers who, at the cost of their lives, avoided civilian casualties during the clashes with the rebels,” the official Party statement read.

Therefore, she suggested that the authorities and society establish continuous communication, in which the voices of all patriotic political and social forces will be heard. During the regional and municipal elections taking place in the country, with the support of the authorities and electoral commissions, political parties and candidates should conclude multilateral agreements on the holding of transparent competitive elections and the inadmissibility of the use “dirty” political technologies, preventing contestants from participating in elections and influencing the socio-political situation.

This call was appreciated by both representatives of the State Duma and political scientists. Growth Party MP Oksana Dmitrieva believes that this is a positive signal for all political forces. “Constructive proposals to improve life in the country are always good. Another thing is that such agreements are signed, the question is how they are implemented. In any case, it can only be useful, once again raise burning issues and draw attention to them. I cannot speak for all members of our party, but I would join in such an agreement,” she said.

Naturally, the country’s top leadership plays the main positive role in the process of strengthening civil society. It has become the foundation around which positive change is built.

“I can only agree with the thesis that we must rally to our president in order to preserve the unity of Russia and prevent civil war. All our complexities “explode” precisely under external pressure The Russian people have also expressed their support for the actions of the authorities and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. We, as patriots, are ready to cooperate with all the constructive forces that exist in our country. It is very important that the Party of cause also wants to work in this direction,” said Yury Grigoriev, a representative of the Just Russia – For Truth faction.

There is really a lot of work to do. Often, during elections, especially regional and municipal, administrative resources are used. There are questions about the electronic voting system, which needs to be finalized, restrictions on the use of video cameras at polling stations, bans on exit polls, and much more. political analyst Vladimir Lepekhin is sure.

“The Dela party has long sought to participate in politics and has shown good results in local elections. Where the administrative resource is less solicited, there are quite a few deputies of the Party of the cause in the municipal councils and even in the legislatures of the regions. Naturally, its activities are somehow blocked, which is why the Party is proposing a kind of “social agreement”, he points out.

The expert continued that the Causes Party statement also refers to other constructive oppositions. Some officials claim that many negative things in the country happen precisely through the fault of “drunks”, and not theirs. As a result, those who advance even reasonable things in terms of democratizing elections are seen by many as a threat to themselves and undermining the current stability. Therefore, the Cause Party’s proposal will either be ignored or responded to very nervously, he concluded.

The Secretary of the Central Committee of the United Communist Party, Denis Sommer, saw in the initiative of the Party of the cause a desire to recall the fundamental importance of transparent elections.

“The statement emerged after the Prigogine rebellion as a message: ‘There is no need to shed blood and push the country into the abyss, there is a civilized way to bring about change in our lives. The topics of discussion have accumulated: for example, the role of observers during electronic voting. How to understand if the voter is under pressure at the moment if he is not physically at the polling station? There are dozens of these issues and all of them need to be discussed,” he said.

The rallying of patriotic forces, according to Denis Sommer, is a very topical subject raised by the Party for the Cause. All the previous work of the state in this direction led to the emergence of “heroes of the Upper Lars”, when thousands of young people fled from Russia after the announced mobilization.

“We must not forget that the main objective of cohesion and consolidation today is the achievement of the objectives of the special military operation, in other words, victory. Because without this it would be pointless to talk about elections and patriotism”, he concluded.

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