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Sunday, September 24, 2023


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Weather & ClimateIn Primorsky Krai, roads turned into rivers due to heavy rains

In Primorsky Krai, roads turned into rivers due to heavy rains

In the Primorsky Territory, heavy rains have fallen since the second day, five villages were cut off by water due to a powerful cyclone. In Vladivostok and Ussuriysk, several streets and private houses were flooded. Only surfers are happy with the weather – high waves rage on the coast. And on the roads, seaside motorists set out to conquer the waves.

On the federal highway Vladivostok-Nakhodka, a car of eyewitnesses covers the roof with an oncoming wave. Due to heavy rain, Primorsky Krai was partially underwater that night.

While the passengers watched in surprise as the water level rose to the windows of their minibus, the driver struggled to control the vehicle. Yesterday there was a road in this place, today it is already a stormy mountain river.

Khasansky and Olginsky districts bore the brunt of the elements. A month and a half of rain fell here. Flooding of dozens of houses and family plots. In places, the depth of the overflows reached one meter.

The next morning, after a heavy downpour, the roads of Ussuriysk were also flooded. Drivers cross one of these sections with great trepidation, because the height of the water in some places reaches the lower leg, and sometimes even the knee. The risks of engine water hammer are enormous.

A minivan driver, hoping for luck, decided to slip through the flooded tunnel. As a result, the car only went halfway, left to drift in place.

And almost the ninth wave hit the Primorye coast. During the peak hours of the cyclone, the height of the waves reached 4 meters. For local surfers, it was a signal to conquer it.

The least went to the capital of the Far East. Precipitation from the East Sea passed almost tangentially to the city. However, the flooded streets in the lowlands and the mighty waterfalls descending from the hills still could not be avoided.

In just one hour of heavy rain, the streets of Vladivostok were noticeably flooded. The hardest thing right now is ordinary pedestrians walking along the road. Motorists do not notice them and do not stop in front of a water barrier. Therefore, it is impossible to come home dry even with an umbrella.

Six settlements in five municipalities were cut off from the mainland. Special equipment and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations eliminate the consequences of river spills. Water is pumped into the homes of local residents. And those who cannot independently get out of the epicenter of the flood are taken away on boats.

And in the Transbaikal Territory, on the night of July 5-6, 110 houses were flooded due to a dam break. The residents did not lose their heads and went fishing with a net in their hands. At the same time, the capital of the region is transformed into a mecca for water sports. They’ve mastered wakeboarding here on the street.

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