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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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WorldSingapore Outpaces Japan in World Passport Power Index for Q3 2023: Henley & Partners Report

Singapore Outpaces Japan in World Passport Power Index for Q3 2023: Henley & Partners Report

For the first time in half a decade, Japan cedes top spot in global passport ranking to Singapore, as Russia achieves mild ascendance

SINGAPORE (TEH) – The World Passport Index for the third quarter of 2023, published by the consulting firm Henley & Partners, divulged a remarkable shift in global passport strength dynamics, with Japan, for the first time in five years, surrendering its prominent position to Singapore. The data, collated from the International Air Transport Association (IAA), continues to track Russia at the 49th spot, witnessing a slight rise from its 2022 ranking.

“Japan, after maintaining its reign at the pinnacle of the world’s most powerful passports for half a decade, has gracefully stepped down to the third position. Overtaking the erstwhile leader, Singapore now assumes the throne, with its passport holders enjoying unhindered access to an impressive 193 countries out of the 227 under evaluation,” elaborated a spokesperson from the Henley & Partners’ press office.

The second echelon in this ranking has seen the emergence of a triad of European nations—Germany, Italy, and Spain. Their citizens, armed with the potent passports these countries offer, enjoy the privilege of visa-free entry into a staggering 190 countries around the world.

Sharing the third place with Japan, the quintet of South Korea, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Finland, and Sweden ensures that their respective passport bearers can venture visa-free into 189 countries, thereby underlining the significant clout they exercise on the global stage.

Russia, with its passport enabling visa-free access to 115 countries, secures the 49th place in the ranking. A press release from Henley & Partners elaborates on Russia’s journey since the previous index. It highlights that Moscow has expanded its diplomatic network with the inclusion of Djibouti under its visa-free travel agreement. However, visa-free privileges to Albania, Belize, Ethiopia, and Uganda were consequently relinquished.

In a heartening development, Ukraine’s passport, along with those of Grenada and Saint Lucia, has made a significant leap of almost 20 steps to land at the 30th position. Citizens of Ukraine can now experience the luxury of visa-free travel to as many as 146 countries.

On the other hand, the passports of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Uzbekistan exhibited a lesser potency compared to that of Russia.

The study concluded with Afghanistan occupying the lowest rung of the ladder, with Afghan passport holders granted visa-free access to merely 27 destinations worldwide.

This report underscores the power and influence of different countries through the lens of passport potency, a pivotal factor in an era of increasing globalization and international mobility. It remains a powerful tool for individuals and governments alike to understand their standing in the global landscape.

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